Chapter ThreeMature

     I waited for Hayden and Red to speak again again but they both simply gestured towards the towering door. I hesitated before taking a small step towards the door. 

     Red scoffed. "We ain't got all day, Stone." I didn't like her attitude but felt like getting on her bad side on the first day. I took another few steps forward and rested my hands on the door, running my fingers through the engraved markings which spelt out AFB. I slid my hand onto the glittering handle and pulled it down. 

     Pushing the door outwards, I listened as it creaked on it's hinges. I looked around the edges of the door and peered into the following room.

     It was not what I had expected. I had imagined a royal living area filled with luxiorius drapes and rugs across the floor so it matched the rest of the city hall... but it was far from that.

     Looking round, I felt like I was back at home in the slumps of the city. Wooden cot-like beds and a dusty stone floor. Although the room was fairly large, the shear amount of beds made it look cramped and unlivable. 

      I sighed. At least I wasn't sleeping on a hay sack in a prison cell.

     Glancing at Hayden, he broke eye contact with me and headed towards the far back corner of the room in which I could only guess that was where his bed was. 

     Red pushed past me, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she made her way to a group of giggling girls in the center of the room as they made a space for her in the group. 

     I stood there, bewildered and lost. Red was deep in conversation and Hayden was lying on his back staring at the ceiling with a look of hopefulness on his face. 

     I took a step forward, darting my view from right to left, trying to find somewhere that was quiet. Looking back at Hayden, I noticed that his crystal blue eyes were locked on mine and he didn't shy away when I noticed him staring. 

     Before I could think, I was manouvering my way in between the cots until I was in feets away from him. He glanced up at my, eyes twinkling in the artifical lighting that was being emitted from the lights from the celing. I breathed in hard and sucked my cheeks in.

     Before I knew what to say, I had approached him. "Uh....H.....Hi, Hayden. " He looked back down at his chest, "Do you know where I could put my stuff?" I hadn't really focused on it until now, but I had a small shoulder bag lying on the right side of my body. He bekoned towards the entrance again. I followed his finger until my eyes came across a small and dusty cot in the far corner of the room, strangly isolated from the rest.

     Hayden looked up as I sighed deeply. "All the newbies are there. Once your here longer, you'll be able to move it." I nodded acknowleding and began to make my way over to the cot, clutching the small, beaded shoulder to my side. 

     When I reached my bed, I sat down slowly on the ragged covers and pulled my shawl off my shoulders and draped it over the headboard. I flicked my legs over the edge of the cot and rested my head on the stiff pillow and stared at the ceiling. I looked over at the others who had slowly dispersed into smaller groups as the tiny windows around the room's border faded in a dark sunset.

     If I was back at home right now, I would be lying on the tarmac outside our front room counting the stars as they began to twinkle in the darkening sky. My mother would soon bring me out a blanket and we would sit together under the night sky.

     But this sunset, I was alone, afaird and isolated.

     Slowly, I drifted into sleep.

The End

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