Chapter TwoMature

My head was pushed away and I slowly made my way towards the stage, shaking madly. The President didn't even make eye contact with me before guards from either side grabbed my arms and led me into the City Hall, trailing behind the President.

As I made my way into the City Hall, I glanced over my shoulder and met the worried glance of my mother and I slyly mouthed "Stay strong" to her before my head was pushed back to face the President by one of the guards.

Entering the City Hall, I stared in fasination at the framed images of previous Presidents that lined the walls and at the stone flooring which shone underfoot. In my area of Fyre City, stone was as rear as a daily fulfilling meal. Guards on both sides of the wall followed me with glaring eyes as I was kept at a brisk pace to keep up the President.

The president led us into a small sqaure room which had wooden benches facing towards the large window which covered the entire back wall. High-backed chairs around the perimeter were placed neatly between large, shining suits of armour.

My muscles relaxed after I was forcefully pushed on to one of the benches as guards entered and filled the chairs around the perimeter.

I had not heard a single voice since the loud crowd outside had been silenced by the heavy oak doors and the only other sounds that had echoed through the hollow halls were that of our footsteps on the stone floor along with the rasping of our shallow breaths.

We were shortly joined by two others who were about my age. The first was a tall boy with dark brown hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes. His left eye was covered by a dirty and worn-out grey eyepatch; it was covering something. The second was a female with pure red hair held in a ponytail by a single pink bow. Her hazel eyes shone against her pale face.

But there was one thing I couldn't take my eyes off. They both supported a black, studded, collar-like necklace around their necks.

"Thank you for joining us" The President said without even turning around and seeing who had entered. "Take a seat, but not near Miss Stone, if you please" I turned back to watch them as they took their seats on the last row of benches. Both gave me scornful glances before I turned back to face the President.

The President turned to face us. "Welcome, Miss Stone, to our little.....association" I looked around, the others who were here as well as us had blank, emotionless expressions on their faces. "We are the AFB" He forgot to metion it but I was later informed that it stood for the Anti-Foe Brotherhood.

"The two people you see behind you are Hayden and Red and have been assigned to be your Sheild-Siblings. They will train, guide and fight with you until one you of fall." I turned back to them. Red was obviously the red-haired female and Hayden was the male seated to her right. The President coughed as he had done previously in the plaza. "Hayden, shall start at 9am prompt tomorrow morning. Make sure none of you are late"

With that, Hayden and Red rose to their feet and guestered towards me. I wobbled slightly as I gained my balance and then started to trail behind them. I lingered behind them as they led me through solid hallways and empty rooms.

They left at the end of a cobbled passage, staring up at a heavy metal door. "This is the sleeping quaters" began Hayden. "There are changing areas and toilets for each gender but the bunks are all together."

"So no complaining and get used to it" butted in Red, flicking her hair over her shoulder.

The End

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