Tara: Déjà Vu

Tara Stephanson

I walked home alone today, refusing to be in the company of Brendan and Moira. They didn't urge to accompany me, knowing better than to bug me when I was in one of my 'moods'. Kicking at one of the stones, the scowl only deepened as I thought back to today's events.

How could Jacob not remember me? After all the time we'd spent together as children, all the mornings we spent at the park and nights where we had the famous barbecue alongside our parents...

I walked right into a metal pole, and groaned out loud. "Jeez." Rubbing my forehead, I decided to look in front of me for the rest of the walk home. I sulked in silence for the next five minutes, reaching home quickly. Taking my key out of my pocket, I jammed into the key hole, still feeling irritated and opened the front door.

"Tara! Is that you?"

"Who else would it be?" I grumbled to myself, slipping out of my shoes and hopping up the stairs to my room. I shut the door loudly, a signal to my parents that I clearly wasn't in for their chipper selves today. But it seems my dad didn't quite recieve the message as he opened my room door the next second, popping his head in through the side. He was on sabbatical, which means he had a lot of free time on his hands to annoy me especially since his office was only right across the hall. But it didn't look like he wanted to right now. Instead, he gave me a small smile and said, "Your outfit doesn't look nice today."

I stared at him, my eyes narrowing. He never said things like that to me. What was up with him? "Why?"

He shrugged in response. "Just saying. We'll be having guests over in about thirty minutes, so you should change into something less stinky."

"Who?" I asked immediately, having a guess in mind.

"The Mulligan's. You remember them?"

I nodded sourly, my guess right. "Yeah, but I don't think they will."

"You don't worry about that. Just put on something else, a dress would be fine. You should look nice since they'll be seeing you after a long time."

"Sure," I answered dryly. My dad gave me a strange look, already sensing something had happened but decided not to ask as he closed the door and left. I groaned and fell back against the bed, covering my face with my hands. Why did this have to happen to me?


I slowly walked down the stairs, all enthusiasm from this morning gone. I could hear voices in the hallway, but I didn't want to face the Mulligan's quite yet; especially Jacob. I'd dressed into skinny jeans, a tank and a hoodie over that. Something casual and not too fancy. Why should I dress up for this anyways?

Looking down at the carpet, I approached the source of the sound. Eventually, I looked up and saw my parents standing a few feet away from me. My dad shook his head at me, eyeing me up and down. "What are you wearing?" He mouthed. I could see he was attempting at one of his lame jokes but failing terribly. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes in front of our guests, I turned to face the one closest to me and who would it be?

Smiling, I said softly, "Remember me now Jake?"

The End

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