Jacob: Name Check

Just my luck. I was partnered up with my good old friend Tara and there wasn't anything that could be done about it. She just sat there, smiling what looked like a fake smile and trust me - I know what they look like.

"Oh hey!" I said as she had joined me. "Tiff wasn't it?"

Her eyes widened slightly. "Tara." she explained and I nodded in understanding. I smiled inwardly - it had worked.

"You any good at all this?" I asked, looking around the lab. She didn't really react much, simply nodding slowly and scanning the room for her friends.

I found myself doing very much the same, despite the fact that I couldn't really claim to have many friends. My eyes caught sight of Chloe and I smiled at her. She smiled back before turning her attention to something on her desk. I looked around the room for any other familiar faces but didn't spot anyone else that I could remember the name of.

I turned around to see Tara staring at me. "What?" I asked defensively. "Have I got something on my face?"

"No." she muttered, turning her attention away from me. I looked at her carefully, my eyes adjusting her image so I could imagine the younger Tara once more. In many ways she looked very much the same and I smiled at that.

"You are staring at me." she said quietly. "It's rude."

I looked to the front and planned on denying it profusely. I felt something hit me in the back so I turned and saw a piece of paper on the floor behind me. Not this again. I had only just started. I looked up to see who had thrown it and spotted Chloe watching me. She mimed picking it up and reading it so I did so, keeping the sheet hidden under my desk. I slyly read the words she had scrawled and grinned to myself.

"Why the big smile?" Tara asked.

"I'm making friends." I explained, nodding so that Chloe could see it. I smiled at Tara and she smiled back.

That was when I saw it, deep in her eyes. She cared and my memory rejecting her had hurt more than I thought.

"I'm sorry I don't remember you." I muttered to her. She smiled slightly, blushing a little. I watched as the sadness faded and get replaced by hope.

And from then on in the mistakes kept coming.

The End

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