Lab Partners

Tara Stephanson

Brendan and Moira silenced themselves the moment they saw me walking back to my seat, confusion and hurt written across my face.

"Uh oh," I heard Brendan mutter to himself as I slumped down on my seat, refusing to meet their eyes.

"He doesn't remember you, does he?" Moira asked in a voice filled with pity. I gave a stiff nod in response, looking straight at the whiteboard in front of the class. It was only when Brendan whistled to himself and said something involving "Chloe", "Jacob" and "friends" that go my attention.

My eyes flickered back to him, narrowing when I saw him having a conversation with her.

"She's never good news," Moira hissed, staring at the two of them enjoying a couple of laughs. Irritation seeped inside me when I saw how happy he looked with her. Maybe he did recognize me but just found it too embarassing of an introduction on his first day. He'd always been shy before, scared to even say a word to me. He'd changed so much.

I almost gaped openly when I saw her bat her eyelashes at him and he responded with an enthusiastic and equally flirty wink back. Who is this guy? And what has he done with the real Jacob?


The rest of the day went by fairly fast. For once, time seemed to be working with me. It was easy to avoid Jacob as he was doing the same with me. He was already getting pulled into a different group of friends, a clique that my 'gang' don't exactly get along with.

Brendan and Moira didn't seem to believe me when I told them I was fine and didn't really care if Jacob recognized me or not. Maybe they didn't because I kept eyeing him, especially Chloe Western when she talked to him, only persuading myself seconds later that it doesn't matter.

It was when Chemistry class started that things started changing. Since we were entering a new semester, we would have to change lab partenrs. I wasn't at all surprised when Jacob became my new one. Afterall, life's toyed with me so many times, how could I not get used to it?

The End

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