Jacob: Moment of Truth

I looked around me. I had chosen a pretty good place in the end; I was sat between a rather hot girl and a sporty looking guy. I caught her looking at me a couple of times in the first few minutes and so I tried to catch her gaze but her eyes didn't meet mine. Oh well, it was early days.

The guy was busy chatting away with the guy on the other side of him, muttering something about last night's game. The game that I hadn't seen. Maybe this wasn't going to work as well as I hoped it would. Maybe I could lie my way out of it. Maybe.

But I didn't get chance. Someone slapped me on the back. Now that was odd. Things clearly weren't going how I had expected if this was the reaction I was getting.

I slowly turned around.

"Hey Jake. Remember me?" the girl said, smiling.

Oh. Oh. Oh no. Oh no.

I looked at her, checking that it really was Tara. What was she doing here?

I knew that I needed to make a decision straight away because this was it. This was the moment that would define me. Maybe I was being melodramatic but I couldn't risk it.

I noticed the girl, the hot one, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She didn't look impressed at Tara taking an interest in me. Maybe Tara would understand. Maybe I could make it up to her.

"Sorry." I muttered. "I don't remember you."

But I did. I remembered her and the time we had spent together all those years ago. Most of all I remembered the feeling of loss when I didn't get to see her. It hurt me to do it to her but this was my chance. My chance to be the person I should be.

"Tara. Tara Stephanson." she said, trying to jog my memory. I made an effort to visibly strain my brain, or at least pretend to before shaking my head, a frown on my face. "Oh." She sounded a little upset.

"Sorry." I whispered, shrugging my shoulders.

"We used to spend time together when we were younger." She was very reluctant to give up but my hands were tied.

"Sorry." I repeated, turning away to cut it short. I didn't want to have this conversation anymore. It looked like it was upsetting her and it was definitely not something I wanted to do. She returned to her seat and that was that.

"Hey." The girl to my side said, looking straight at me. I pointed to myself. She nodded. "You know her?"

"No." I muttered, letting a little laughter slip into my voice. She smiled at me. "I'm Jacob."

"Chloe." she said with a wink. "Nice to meet you."

The End

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