Tara: Surprises

Tara Stephanson

"Tara, why are you staring?" I heard Moira ask, her voice floating to me faintly as my full attention was on the boy seated only a few desks in front of me.

"I think she's got a new crush," Brendan said, grinning at me and I rolled my eyes at him when I got the time to.


They waited for me to explain and after about five minutes, I looked away from the back of Jacob's head to face them. Curiosity was written across their faces as I explained slowly, my brain putting together the memories that it had forgotten long ago.

"Jacob Mulligan...he's kind of a family friend from my dad's side. Jacob's like my father's cousin's son or something." My brow creased, trying to figure out myself if what I was saying was right. "We used to spend time together when we were kids. But that was ages ago. I barely remember myself so I doubt he will."

"I think you should talk to him," Moira piped up. "You should catch up on old times."

"Are you mad?" Brendan asked, gaping at Moira. "You don't know how strange it would feel for a guy if a girl he barely remembers, let alone recognises from his past walks up to him and talks to him as if their friends. He'll totally freak out!"

"I'm not saying she has to do that you numb skull," Moira snapped back with a scowl. "I'm only suggesting it."

They both waited for me to do something, each one watching my face. When I stood up, I heard Brendan groan quietly from my right but I ignored him as I headed over to Jacob. The teacher didn't care that I was striding across the class towards a student without even asking to get out my seat. It was the way things worked around here. Hopefully, Jacob won't freak out too much when he sees me.

Smiling, I approached him. He didn't see me coming until I thumped him on the back softly, grinning.

"Hey Jake. Remember me?"

The End

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