Jacob: New Beginnings

This was it; my first day. My big chance. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror. I was ready - I had my contacts in and my hair styled so that for the first time in my life, I looked cool.

I picked up my old glasses and took one final look at them before I dropped them into the bin with a satisfied smile. I looked at myself again and thought I looked good.

Mum was downstairs with the man she insisted I call Dad despite the fact that Dad was gone and that was the reason that I was going to a new school. Part of me was happy about that; it had given me the chance to re-evaluate everything that was wrong with my life and figure out what I needed to do to be the me that I had always wanted to be.

Of course, part of me was sad because this meant leaving Dad behind but I knew that sacrifices had to be made. He was gone anyway.

My summer had been hellish but the end result was worth it. I had spent my time working on my fitness and my appearance, going to the gym more or less every day and getting a personal shopper to help with my wardrobe. Now I was ready.

"Morning!" I yelled, grabbing some toast from the breakfast table. "Love to stay and chat but places to go, people to meet." I hugged Mum briefly and waved to 'Dad' before leaving.

The school was big and scary and I got lost almost straight away but luckily someone had given me directions. I walked quickly through the empty corridors, frustrated at myself for being late.

"Maybe it'll help my image." I muttered. "Key word: rough." I reminded myself before getting go the right room.

A woman was waiting outside, looking at me. She introduced herself as Mrs Parker and I smiled politely before entering. I found myself looking to the floor, embarrassed.

When she introduced me, I looked up and knew that this was my moment. I smiled confidently, scanning the room. I mock saluted the class, retaining the smile as she explained how I had moved to the area recently.

I ignored her, moving to take an empty seat. I had arrived.

The End

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