Shards Of The Soul

Hiding the past is never too easy; but when Jacob Mulligan moved away from his home, he thought a personality makeover was exactly what he needed. And so, his plan would've been successful, if she hadn't come back into his life.

Tara Stephanson

"Tara!" I heard my mother call me. Quickly brushing my messy blonde hair, I set the brush down on my dressing table and skipped down the stairs, heading towards the kitchen door.

"Coming already," I muttered, entering the room and plopped down on one of the chairs. My mother set down my breakfast on the table and sat down next to me, sighing. I could feel one of her lectures coming on but interrupted her, knowing what she was giong to say.

"I know Ma, I'm going to school late everyday and you're not happy since the school has already given you three letters, saying my attendance records are not 'satisfactory'. You're dissapointed since I also refuse to take the bus and prefer walking with Moira and Brendan to school every morning. Am I right?"

Mother stared at me with her light brown eyes and shook her head to herself. "You'll never learn."

"Thank you."

Taking a last sip from the glass of orange juice, I jumped back up to my feet and headed to the front door. Getting my socks and converse shoes back on, I shouted, "Bye Dad!"

"Have a good day honey!" His voice echoed through the walls, all the way from upstairs. As usual, he was in his office working away. Hopping on one foot as the other shoe wasn't quite secure yet, I opened the front door and made my way down the steps.

Brendan and Moira were waiting for me, having one of their arguments. It was like any other morning; normal. The only thing that seemed different was the fact that it was quite sunny for a change compared to the usual gloomy weather.

"Hey guys," I chirped, hooking arms with the two as we headed off towards school. Brendan mumbled something to himself, while Moira on the other hand refused to speak, her lips pulled into a thin line. She kicked at the stones on the sidewalk, keeping to herself and I groaned in exasperation.

"What now?" I asked, looking between the two.

"She thinks that I'm stupid for attending try outs for the soccer team," Brendan whispered.

"And why is that Moira?" I turned my head to face her.

"Because if he makes it on the team, he'll probably ditch us and become a jock," she whined.

"He won't," I said strongly and Moira nudged me hard on my hip.

The rest of the walk to school was filled with squabbles breaking out between the two, with me trying to cool it down. I've known Brendan since I was a kid and we've been friends for as long as I can remember. Moira moved to our school during the sixth grade and we decided to add her to our little 'troupe'. Since then, we'd been the best of friends but Brendan and Moira had formed the habit of having cat and dog fights almost everyday. And they'd also appointed me 'peacemaker'.

The class was a ruckus when we walked into homeroom. Everyone was talking at the same time, throwing paperballs and exchanging notes. The teacher hadn't showed up yet and I guess the others had taken that to advantage. Settling down into my seat, with the two on either side of me, I leaned back against my chair and closed my eyes.  

The sudden silence that came over the room got to me and I opened my eyes, noticing that Mrs. Parker had entered class. That was strange. None of us really cared whether she was in or out of homeroom, we usually still continued to cause trouble. That was when I noticed someone else in the room; a new boy.

His sapphire blue eyes that kept to the floor, and his short brown hair looked so familiar, as if I'd seen him before. My eyes widened in surprise when I recognized him to be Jacob Mulligan. What in the world was he doing here?

The End

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