Shards of Glass

Sometime change just has to happen, but how far down do we go before recognising and facing the unknown and what are the triggers to making that change. What are the effects of one person's state of mind on others around them?

Alone, with a vague awareness of his legs moving, Jack makes his way through the late afternoon downtown crowd. His face is a mask of torture, his fragile but well dressed body has an aura of pain, screeching pain, unrelenting pain. He doesnt see the milieu of faces around him. He doesn't see the harrowing figure they see, all he knows is a deep dark empty vacuum that is his life.

As he reaches the terminal to catch the ferry and makes his way up the gang plank he stops, his eye catching a shimmer of light, a patch of oil floating on the water's surface. A slight recognition of time, place and himself emerges from a moment of calmness  but it is quickly lost as the passengers move him onwards and to his seat.

The rhythm and hum of the boat and passengers lighten his melancholy allowing thoughts to reach his consciousness, thoughts he tries to banish.

He becomes  frightened overwhelmed with a need to be held, soothed, loved. Tears well up, some drop onto his cheek. The mask doesn't feel it, he doesn't hide it.

Baby, failure, useless loser.... cant do it anymore

When Jack reaches his front door the darkness relinquishes  and his is pain less readable as the shards of glass melt a little.  He wonders how he got home from the ferry as he  steps inside the front door ready to spew forth bitterness, anger and sadness when asked about his day.


The End

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