Matchmaker Shard part 1Mature

It begins with Shard and Gray walking the streets 

Gray: Why are you always walking around? 

Shard: No reason. I just walk around when i'm bored. 

Gray: But walking around is boring. 

Shard: Either I go do something that Mira would find out and fuck it up with her Mira ways or walk around. I choose walking, obviously. 

Gray: Yea. That's Mira for ya. 

Juvia's head pops up from a rock 

Shard: You need something? "sees Juvia" 

Gray: No. Why you ask that? And what are you looking at? "turns around" 

Juvia: "ducks her head" 

Shard: A rock. 

Gray: ...Ok... "turns back around" Weird, but ok. 

Juvia: "pops her head up from another rock" 

Shard: So uh. About you and Juvia. 

Gray: "narrows his eyes" What about me and Juvia? 

Once Shard turned around it seemed to be a giant sharp ice crystal behind him floating there causing his heart to drop and for him to quickly turn back around 

Shard: That you all should remain friends that's all! Ehehehehe! 

Juvia: "quietly has a hilarious heart attack" 

Shard: :peeks at Juvia" I MEAN UH UH UH UH! 

Juvia: "stops mid process and looks" 

Shard: You guys should go out! 

Gray: What? 

Shard: Look Gray. You ever think about Juvia? 

Gray: Yes. 

Juvia: "widely grins" 

Shard: Sexually? 

Gray: No. 

Juvia: "dies" 

Shard: "looks at Juvia dying" 

Gray: But now that you think about it. 

Juvia: "stops mid process and looks" 

Shard:" releases his breath from relief" Look Gray. Give it a shot. 

Music began to occur. 

Shard: Wait.. No. NO! NO NO NO NOT NOW NOT NOW NOT NOW!!!! 

Once the beat dropped a lightning strike struck on Shard causing him to fall out. Laxus then appeared. 

Laxus: Hey Gray. 

Gray: Hey Laxus. 

Laxus: Oh. "picks up Shard from his head" Hey Strawberry. 

Shard: -_- Hey Laxus. 

Laxus: So. What are you guys up to? 

Shard: I'm gonna get Gray with Juvia. Get them into a relationship. 

Mira: "slides in out of nowhere" Did I hear RELATIONSHIP? 


The End

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