Chapter 6Mature

{it begins with Shard at his house waking up seeing Freed}

Shard: Hey Freed.

Freed: "reading a book" Hey Shard.

Shard: "gets up wearing his boxers" ... Im bored...

Freed: Hmmmm... Lets go on a walk then.

Shard: Sure. Just let me put on my clothes.

{they start walking in the street 5 minutes later}

Shard: A beautiful day outside isnt it?

Freed: It sure is...

Shard: "looks and sees one of those 5 year old truck things" Hey look. "they both walk to the truck"

Freed: ...

Shard: You wanna ride it down that hill?

Freed: Sure. Why not?

Shard: You wanna go first?

Freed: I don't mind. "gets in the small truck"

Shard: Alright... Here i go. "pushes him down the steep hill"

Freed: "goes down slowly" ... weeeeeee...

Shard: I...I thought it was gonna go faster...

Freed: ... "takes the truck back up" You use it.

Shard: ok? "gets in"

Freed: "pushes him down the hill using his feet"

Shard: "goes down slowly" -_-... "the truck stops"

Freed: Hold on, wait. "walks to Shard and pushes the truck a little too roughly noticing what he's doing"

Shard: AH! "the truck flips over making him fall out and roll down the hill into the highway with a truck coming towards him"

Freed: ...


Freed: "sprints off"

Shard: "runs after him" COME BACK HERE! I ALMOST GOT RAN OVER!

Freed: I DID NOTHING! "sprints faster"

Shard: "sprints faster" STOP! I COMMAND YOU!

Freed: NO YOU DON'T!

The End

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