Chapter 5Mature

Freed: This happens every Chapter...

Levy: Is he ok?

Freed: Of course he is.

Shard: "wakes up"

Freed: See.

Shard: "closes his eyes back up pretending to be unconscience again and talks to Freed inside his head" (Hey Freed?)

Freed: (Yes?)

Shard: (You read sleeping beauty right?)

Freed: ... No, that is not happening.


Freed: ("sighs" You owe me) He's ot waking up...

Levy: He's not?

Freed: Maybe you have to kiss him.

Levy: What?! How will that help?!

Freed: ... sleeping beauty...

Levy: W-Why me? Why I Gotta do it?

Freed:... Do you want him to die?

Levy: No... I guess... "slowly bends down to Shard hesitating and reaches her lips to kiss Shard's"

Bickslow: "pops out of nowhere" I GOT IT! "moves her to the side and licks his face"

Shard: "quickly gets up" AHH SICK!

Bickslow: Good, you woke. I need to show you something. "takes out his Iphone and shows him a website"

Shard: Huh?

Bickslow: I found this website called .

Shard: What the?

Bickslow: And I stumbled upon something that would get on your nerves...

Shard: No.

Bickslow: Yes... Look... I found this story with FreedXMira

Shard: -_-... I don't wanna read it.

Bickslow: Do you need me to Bickslow upper strike blow on you?

Shard: Uh, No.

Bickslow: Then read it.

Shard: But I don't wanna...

Bickslow:... "prepares his attack" BIIIICKSLOOOOW UPPER-

Shard: OK, OK I'LL READ! "reads it" ... I don't like it.

Bickslow: Too bad. Keep reading.

Shard: You don't control me.


Shard: OK, OK, Don't hurt me!

The End

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