Chapter 4Mature

"Shard loses his breath causing him to slow down but Freed is still sprinting his ass off"

Shard: "breathing hard" Screw it... "transports in front of him"

Freed: ...

Shard: ... I don't want it anymore.

Freed: Your lying to me.

Shard: No im not...

Freed: ...

Shard: Are we gonna walk or not?...

Freed: ...

{They both start walking in the street}

Shard: So why are you so protective about Mira's body?

Freed: She's the only girl im not THAT scared of... It's the least i can do... And besides, Would you want girls to see you naked?

Shard:... No...

Freed: And besides, you get all the girls right? Your pretty handsome yourself. You don't have to date someone in the guild.

Shard: But... I want Mira... It's hard.

Freed: Well then it is hard. You can't take care of her because she can take care of herself... "his phone vibrates then he takes it out texting on it as he's saying what he's texting" Yes, hi Mira. "puts his phone up" ..."his phone vibrates again causing him to pick it up" Yes Shard is here. "puts his phone up"

Shard: "his phone vibrates causing him to pick it up" Hi love... "his phone vibrates again with it saying from Mira, "I love you too friend." -_-

Freed: What?

Shard: Nothing.. Lets just continue.

{They both start walking again}

Freed: Say, how old are you?

Shard: 20

Freed: Ah...

Shard: "sees Erza from a distance" Hey, it's Erza.

{They both walk to Erza}

Shard: Hey Erza.

Erza: Just the guy I want to see.

Shard: Hm?

Erza: Im going to train you. So you can go through missions easily.

Shard: I don't need training, and you never seen me fight.

Erza: Alright then. Lets see what you got.

Freed: "watches"

Shard charges at Erza with his right fist but she dodges him.

Erza: Is that really what you can do?

Shard: ... Don't UNDERESTIMATE ME!

Shard then transports behind her drop kicking her head but she dodges.
Shard then transported to the side of her side kicking her but she blocked it. Erza then
 throws and rushes up toward him but Shard blocks and dodges her attacks.

Erza: Maybe your better than I tought... So. I heard you like Mira.

Shard: Yes.

Erza: Do you like her or her body?

Shard: uhm... a little bit of both.

Erza: What do you like most in a girl? Their body?

Shard: uhhhh.. i don't know i guess.

Erza: "takes out her Iphone and shows him a picture of herself in a stripping outfit" So You would like me because of this?

Shard: Uhhhh... I dont know uhh... Yes?

Erza: "as soon as he responded she upper kicked the mess out of him in his face causing all blood to occur making him get knocked unconscience"

The End

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