Chapter 3Mature

{It begins with Shard still passed out hearing voices}

Bickslow: Sharrd? Shaaarrrrd?

Freed: Its not gonna work.

Bickslow: Is he dead?

Freed: No, just unconscience.

Bickslow: Hey...

Freed: What?

Bickslow: Lets Jack his shoes.

Shard: "He all of a sudden gets up grabbing Bickslow by the neck strangling him as Shard has his head down with the shadow of his hair covering his eyes" DON'T...TOUCH...THE SHOES! "a twinkle occurs on his head"

Bickslow: "a sweat mark falls from his head"

Freed: And there he is.

Shard: "lets go of Bickslow causing him to fall on the ground"

Bickslow: Hmph. Dick.

Shard: What happened?

Freed: Evergreen kissed you to make Elfman jealous then you passed out 5 seconds after.

Shard: If she's trying to make him jealous then why doesn't she make sure he's around, so that she could make it seem like she has a better time with me then they ever had?

Freed and Bickslow: SHES EVERGREEN!

Shard: Oh. (that makes sense) So... what you guys wa-

Bickslow: Up, Hold that thought. "as there's a window behind Shard showing Bickslow's car he walks out the door and goes outside into his car, turns on the engine, and drives off leaving a car tire noise behind"

Shard: -_-...

Freed: I don't mind doing something.

Shard: Wanna go for a walk?

Freed: Sure, why not?

[They both walk off into the streets]

Freed: So, your gonna give up on Mira?

Shard: Nah...not yet... I have to try.

Freed: Well then, to give you more of a way for you not to give up I should show you this. "takes out his I phone and shows him Mira's modeling pictures swiping through them"

Shard: How do you get these?

Freed: Mira always show me her latest modeling pictures. "quickly swipes through a nude picture of her"

Shard: F-Freed?

Freed: You saw nothing.

Shard: Did I just see Mira naked?

Freed: Your seeing things.

Shard: Freeed? Give me the phone.

Freed: "stretches" welp, I should be hitting the old dusty trail... "sprints off"

Shard: FREED! "runs after him as their speed is a complete match with Freed ahead of Shard making it hard for him to catch up" GIVE ME THE PHONE!

Freed: NO! IT'S MINE!

Shard: FREED!

Freed: NO!

The End

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