Getting used to itMature

At this time Shard knows everyone's name from the guild. He met everyone before the second episode started rolling... he did not finish the previous mission from Cana because Laxus' suspiciousness caused him to go to Cana asking why to send Shard the task. So now Laxus, Bickslow, Freed, and Cana knows about the way Shard loves Mirajane.

{it begins with Shard walking down the guild with Freed}

Shard: So Freed
Freed: Yes?
Shard: Who do you think i should marry?
Freed: Hm?... Let me think.
[it shows the two in chibi form as a giant thought bubble occurs]
Freed: Well, theres Lissana.
Shard: But theres Bickslow.
Freed: Erza
Shard: Jalal
Freed: Lucy
Shard: Natsu
Freed: Cana
Shard: Laxus
Freed: Evergreen
Shard: Elfman
Freed:What about Levy?
Shard: hmmmm... well why not... Gaijeel isnt doing anything.
Freed: And why are you trying to marry someone right now?
Shard: Not right now... I mean a girl to date and hang out with. I get bored way too often.
Freed: *looks at him* Then why not find yourself a hobby?
Shard: Because i want a girl in my life.
Freed:...*looks forward and sees Levy* Well speaking of the devil...
Levy: Hey Shard!
Shard: you are so small and adorable arent you?
Levy: huh?
Freed: He wants to date you. *looks at Shard* there.
Shard: *facepalms*
Levy: Uhhh... Why all of a sudden? I only know your name.
Shard: Isnt that the reason of the date? to know each other better?
Levy: "blushes" Uh... I dunno..
Freed: You guys have the same powers and everything... well... similar.
Levy:... i... ill think about it. "vanishes"
Shard: What the?... oh well...
Evergreen: *walks pass the both of them in an angry manner shoving Shard to the side* Get out of my way!
Shard: *catches himself* Whats wrong?...
Freed: Elfman issues.
Evergreen: Its like Elfman stopped paying attention to me like he used to.
Shard: Then dump him.
Evergreen: No... ill make him jealous.

Freed: And how will you do that?

Evergreen:..."looks at me"... I know how to make him jealous.

Shard: Uhhhhhhh...

Evergreen: "walks up and kisses him roughly"

Shard: "his eyes widen"

Freed: "looks"

Evergreen: "breaks the kiss and walks off shoving him"

Shard: ..."looses stability"

Freed: Hey... Shard? You ok?... Shard?

Shard: "passes out"

The End

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