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A guy known as Shard joins the guild as a sudden replacement for Natsu until he returns from an unknown journey. Once he saw Mirajane he fell in love with her at first sight but she only likes Freed in that way. He searches for a way to find her love that he wants.

{it begins with a person with white hair-spiky but soft- with a sword carried on his back wearing blue jeans and a polo shirt wearing Leva(Levi) shoes known as Shard}

Shard: "walking down the street with his arms crossed" Well here i am bored again. What should i do to pass the time? "he looks around seeing a poster with a fairytale sign" whats this? "walks over to the poster and takes it off the wall taking it with him as he walks down the street looking at it" hmmm... i know what i can do! I CAN JOIN THE GUILD! [the title occurs with Shard saying it but replacing Shard with me] {meanwhile at the guild}

Natsu: "walks out the door carrying a ton of things on his back" Alright guys! ill see you in a month!

Erza: Have safe travels.

Lucy: I hope you have fun! We'l miss you!

Mirajane: I wish you good luck!

Natsu: I'll come back before too long! C'mon Happy!

Happy: AYE SIR!

{Natsu runs off with Happy flying behind him then they run pass Shard seeing the poster with their symbol on it making them stop}

Natsu: hm? I see you have one of our posters. What are you trying to do? Join the guild?

Shard: well, yea. I figured it can solve my boredom problem.

Natsu: Well what can you do?

Shard: [speaks to Natsu inside his head] (I can do mostly anything that can involves the mind)

Natsu: Sort of like Levi... Hey! I know what we can do!

Shard: Huh?

Natsu: You can be my replacement until i return!

Shard: what?

Natsu: "grabs Shard's wrist gripping onto it and runs off towards the guild dragging him along as he screams in the background in a comedic way"

Lucy: "as she looks out the window with her head resting on her fist with her elbow on the table she notices a scream of Shard not noticing what it is" W-What is that?

{Natsu crashes through the wall right next to the door as he still grips onto Shard's wrist}

Lucy: You could've used the door!

Natsu: Neh. This way is cooler. Everyone i would like for you to meet Shard. He will be my replacement until i return.

Gray: we don't need a replacement. We'l do just fine without you.

Natsu: "rolls up his sleeves" What did you just say?!

Gray: "glances at Natsu with an unpleasent look like always" I said we dont need you and your motion sickness is always in the way.

Natsu: Why you little- "gets pumped up" YOU WANNA GO?! LETS GO!

Gray: "smirks and rushes up toward him with a slight yell as Natsu does the same"

Shard: "he walks off through the guild hall" I will not be apart of that in any way. "as he walks around he notices a bar from a distance so he walks to it and sits down at the table" Joining this guild was easier than i thought. "as he turns to the left he notices Cana drinking a giant barrel of liquor like usual" Hm? Well thats a drinker for you. I never tried drinking like that before... I might try it. "lets out a slight yell" OH WAITER?!

Mira: "she walks out of the employee door with her usual Mirajane smile and walks over to the table facing Shard placing the palm of her hands on the table" Hi! Im Mirajane!

Shard: Uh, im, uh. uh. uh, Sh-sh-shard. Im uh, the replacement of uh, "starts breathing hard" Give me a minute...

Mira: "giggles with a bright smile"

Shard: "slightly suffocating as he starts coughing"

Cana: "looks over at Shard and Mira"

Shard: N-Natsu. "huffs" "huff" Yhe replacement "huff" "huff" of Natsu until "huhff" "huff" he returns. "breathes harder"

Mira: Well allow me to show you a quick tour around the guild. {She walks in through the employee door into the kitchen and sees a giant mess with Freed wearing a chef hat and holding a spatula} Mira: Hey Freed?

Freed: Yes? "a raw fish drops on his hat sliding down his face"

Mira: Could you please show Shard a tour around the guild?

Freed: But i dont wanna.

Mira: Pleeeeeeeease, pretty please?

Freed: "sighs" Ok fine. "vanishes using letters like he always do and appears next to Shard" You, Shard. Cmon, im giving you a tour. "walks off"

Shard: What the? Ok? "catches up to Freed walking right next to him" So uh... Whats your name?

Freed: Thats none of your buisness. I dont know you that well to give out my name.

Shard: Ok. I understand. Well you know my na-

Freed: "points to his left" Theres the indoor swimming pool.

Shard: "looks to his left and sees the pool with alot of people in it" Wow. They have those?... {They both walk awkwardly in silence for a breif moment} Shard: So uh, how old are you? Im twenty.

Freed: Thats none of your concern. "points to his right" Theres the tattoo store and giftshop. You need to get the symbol tattooed on you soon.

Shard: Ok... So what magic do you use?

Freed: "traps him in a spell box that says, ask anymore questions and you will be in loss of oxygen"

Shard: "breathing hard" What the?! What is this!? "stars suffocating"

Freed: You would shut up if you knew how to read. Now, are you gonna stop asking me all these questions?

Shard: "nods head in pain unable to talk or breath"

Freed: "breaks the box" Good.

Shard: "breathing hard regaining his oxygen" Im sorry ... for annoying you.

Freed: ... My name is Freed. Thats all i will give you. Come. Let me introduce you to my trio. {Freed grabs the wrist of Shard and they both vanish using letters appearing to Bickslow and Evergree} Freed: let me introduce you to Evergreen and Bickslow.

Bickslow: Bleh "tongue noise"

Shard: The hell?

Evergreen: You must be new here.

Shard: Yea, im Shard.

Bickslow: Say, are you into girls?

Shard: Yes, of course. Bickslow: Oh i will be with you shortly.

Shard: Oooookaaaaay? Well my tour is over so i will see you guys later. "teleports"

Evergreen: He can teleport?

Freed:; It appears so.


Shard: "appears at the bar" And im back. "looks over and sees Cana from a distance" Hey look. The pretty girl is still over there. "walks to Cana and sits next to her" Hello. pretty lady. My name is Shard.

Cana: "glancees at him" Hey, im Cana. And arent you into Mira?

Shard: Yea. Howd you know?

Cana: I saw you dying over there trying to talk to her.

Shard: You know her? Whats her type of guy?

Cana: "holds up a picture of Freed"

Shard: -_-... youve got to be kidding me.

Cana: IF your trying to dte her i can help.

Shard: "grows shocked but yet surprised"

Cana: Yea. "gives him Mira's teddy bear" But you have to do something for me.

Shard: ok, what is it?

Cana: Give me 18 crystals that are above that mountain thats west from this guild. Can you do that?

Shard: Can you kiss me?

Cana: What?!

Shard: What!? Bye! "vanishes"


[meanwhile on the mountain]

Gaijeel: "plays a melody on his guitar trying to match his voice with the tone" Ooooh- no wait. "strokes his guitar" Ohhh no' dammit. You know what screw it. "strokes his guitar" Sheebadobah

Shard: "appears" well, here i am.


Shard: What the? "turns around" Hey Bickslow, what are you doing here?

Bickslow: You know, just hanging around. "points forward" Hey its Laxus!

Shard: "takes a closer look and sees him with a crystal throwing it up and catching it repeating the process"... (ill do that one last) Dont know about you guys but im off to find 17 crystals. Bickslow: What for?

Shard: ... Cana said she can help me make Mira like me.

Bickslow: OH, I SEE WHATS GOING ON HERE. Your trying to get old Mirajane arentcha? Look. "wraps his arms around Shard's shoulders" Just act like Freed but more non-scared of girls.

Shard: "sighs" Im guessing that Freed already won her over.

Freed: "pops out of nowhere behind us" Won who over?

Shard: "jumps" N-NOTHING! EHEHEHEHE!

Bickslow: Hes mad because hes jealous that Mira likes you more than she ever will with him.

Shard: -_-

Freed: why is that?

Shard:...i might of... sort of... fallen in love with her... at first sight. "looks down blushing"

Bickslow: "chuckles" Boy dont we all.

Freed: I havent won her over. I dont like her that way.

Shard: Yes you have. Shes in love with you so you did win her over.

Freed: So. Were never gonna date so you can have her. Shes all yours.

Shard: No. She loves you and it will remain that way for a long time! Maybe forever!

Freed: But you can change that. "places his hand on Shard's shoulder" You can make her love you more than she will ever love me.

Shard: "sighs" She is too good for me. You deserve her love more than I do. i will just get someone else.

Freed: But I dont want-

Shard: SHUT UP YES YOU DO! DONT DENY IT! "turns around facing his back towards Freed" You guys are wonderful together... "smiles" I can see it... Now im off to find the crystals. "walks off"

Bickslow: "walks behind him" soooooo thats it? Your gonna just give up? Quit?

Shard: Well, yea. Ill find someone else.

Bickslow: How did you know Mira liked him?

Shard:... I can predict someone's past by looking into their eyes meditating inside their head, but when i looked into the eyes of Freed... I saw Mira in a wedding dress... and him in a suit... Im 83 percent sure that that was their wedding... so Ill just go date someone else.

Bickslow: "takes out his Iphone and shows him a picture of Mira in a tight swimming suit" ARE YOU SUUUUURE?

Shard: "nosebleeds insanely causing him to drop falling to the ground" ...challenge...accepted... "passes out"

well here is my first story and chapter. I hope you all enjoyed this!

Im planning on making this a series so there will be alot more chapters and alot more others stories i will be working on. I dont know exactly when the second chapter is coming out but i will make sure to publish it as soon as possible.


The End

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