Shaping UpMature

This is a piece of erotica. It is graphic by nature, but artfully so. I might continue the story if it seems successful. Feel free to give feedback, and enjoy!

    In an instant she felt him take her. Whether it was with ecstasy or fear, she couldn’t tell. The force from when he grabbed her still made her body shudder. Opening her eyes she saw the sleek, black, body of her winged captor. The softness of his feathered frame against her skin made her body tingle. The whole act had been of mythological proportions, and it thrilled her.
    Liferia awoke panting, she found her body damp and the sheets had been twisted in a mass on the floor. So had she dreamed the encounter? Sitting up she shivered and remembered the warmth of her lover. He was a raven, and she a dove, both shapeshifters who found the human form uneventful. She stood and examined herself. The transformation had gone smoothly. She wasn’t sore this time, and the bruises were fading. It helped that her lithe frame was flexible and tempting.
    She put on a robe and walked to the kitchen. Her aching sex beckoned to her with every step. It would just have to wait until later. Liferia made coffee, and stared out the window above the sink, her hands pressing down on the thin border of countertop around it. The bird-feeder was bare, but in the birdbath was a lone black bird. She undid the widow latch and called to him. He flew to the sill, and waited. She sang to him again, and within a moment a man was standing beside her. Liferia smiled. “Good morning, love” she said. He placed his hands on her waist and pressed her against him. She smelled divine. The robe had slipped from her shoulder exposing a pale breast and tender nipple. It enticed him, and he felt himself harden with anticipation.
    He wanted her and she knew it. Liferia watched his eyes move to her face as she pulled the robe, covering herself. She would let him have her again, but not quite yet. He was handsome in the white collared shirt and tapering jeans. She could make out his muscled outline under the constraints of his clothes. How lovely he would feel under her hands. Now she was ready. She started to unbutton his shirt, he found the tie on her robe and watched as it descended to the floor, away from her perfect body. Her dark hair framing her face and cascading down her body. He tore his shirt away and she pulled at his jeans.
    They danced down the hall to the bedroom. By the time she hit the bed, he was bare and grinning. He held himself above her, teasing her with his tongue. He licked her nipple and sucked on it. She quivered with delight. His hand traced her thigh and reached her mound. Carefully he stroked her lips. She was ready for him, her juices glistening on her pinkness.
    Liferia didn’t want to leave him unattended she lifted her arm letting her hand feel his stiff cock. She kissed him and he met her with passion. She moaned, and he knew she was his. He spread her legs and in one swift motion entered her. . .

The End

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