Shape Shifter

A shape shifter ajusted to normall every day life...

“Miss. Doveinna Do you need something?” Mrs. What’s-her-face said. I didn’t even know her name! How can she already hate me one the first day back at school? “No ma‘am?” I said back, in a low, soft, shaky voice. I took pleasure in thinking that she thought I was a wimp! Oh how much fun it shall be to surprise a teacher that I couldn’t care less about what I was learning! “Well then I didn’t mean too upset you! Im sorry, I was out of line!” Mrs. What’s-her-face said really, soft. Score! Life is so good! Well let me tell you about myself, to start out with my name is Lovanna Jaylee Doveinna. Yeah, I know my name is really odd I love it though. You’ll see my parents heard the name from a friend and they used it.

I have raven black hair, and I have a light brown, sort of tan skin. My eyes are brown and I have long dark eyelashes. And I’m a shape shifter. Yep, you read right a shape shifter. My birthday is coming up, I’m in 6th grade, how old am I going to be? I’m turning 2080 years old. Yep and guess who I was 2079 years ago! I was a ruler of Egypt, the only girl ruler, and I was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Now guess! I’m the one and only Cleopatra VII. Yes I live forever. When I die I come back in about 4 or 5 year old form, so I remember everything Not only do I live forever I can shape shift into anyone I’ve ever seen or heard of. Oh, did I mention that Hannibal is still alive! Yep, he is in my school and he is so popular. We still hang out but it is quite different after seeing each other for 2000 something years. Its really funny to learn about ourselves in school. Oh and two more things, any shape shifter you will ever find has amazing hearing and we have this thing with insults that triggers strength and this isn’t your average strength, this is “I can take one hit to your house, with my hand, and its demolished” kinda strength

Later that week.

“So how do you think he is going to ask?” said Krista. “I have no idea but if he does ask I’m going to say no.” I said back. “Why would you say no? He is the hottest guy in school a.k.a. perfect!” Abbie yelled across my room. “Because I have enough experience with guys I know how to deal with them! He is a total stuck-up jerk that thinks he is all that, and has no life!” I yelled back all the people in my room. Let me explain, I have a lot of people over tonight it is my birthday party. And this guy wants to ask me out as a birthday present and I want to say no. That’s where tonight came in its a Saturday night and my birthday is Monday so he has plenty of time to plan this. “I think you’re the stuck-up jerk with no life if you say no! Look he is my best friend so I know he has liked you since the first-grade!” Rhiannon, my bestie, was all then sudden whispering in my ear. We all busted out laughing. Just the way Rhiannon said it was so funny. That night the girls spent the time planning my how he was going to ask me out and my wedding. “Look Jagger is cool and nice but I don’t like him! He knows he is popular so he abuses it! He doesn’t need me and because he doesn’t have me he wants me as soon as he has me he’ll move on.” it came out a lot meaner than I wanted to. “LOVANNA JAYLEE DOVEINNA how can you say such a thing! You’re just being difficult! He really likes you!” just now figuring out it is my mom “I would know because he called to make sure you could go out with him! And I said you could. Plus he need to know if you are going to be at school Monday. that’s a big deal Lovanna! No one does that anymore!” she was really trying to get me to go through with this. “I think I can handle this after living 2079 years!” I yelled. “What do you mean you’ve lived for 2079 years?” my mom said. Then everyone bust out laughing. “Safe, no one knows! Okay just hold it in for another, I don’t know, 1,000,000,000 years. Then your safe for good!” I found myself thinking. I started to laugh too, it was kind of funny. Being my best friend knew everything, so she started the laughing so that no one would think twice about how old I am. I was thankful, she had my back till death do she part.

The next day before everyone was up Rhiannon and I were talking. “So, how come you let it slip?” she said. “I guess I get tired of people thinking I don’t know anything because I’m “12 years old”. I mean I watch every guy I want marry die! What if I don’t do it this time around. Its really hard to live for so long because, well I think I’ve had at least 700 children. Watching them die along with their dad is so hard!” I started to cry a little. “Look Lovanna I don’t blame you for freaking but you almost lost it! What happens if the news gets a hold of this? They’ll kill for any info. They can get! Plus the medical association of America will probably dissect you!” she started in to a tizzy. “Don’t worry about me! You have your own life to live! I’ve already lived mine! Plus I get married to the same person every time! I can’t wait till you get married live your own life and not worry about mine! I’ll get into Harvard and win a major lawsuit. My life will be boring!” I was crying now, not tears of sadness but of joy, to think that one of my friends can live a beautiful life. “Oh, Lovanna! Your life will be different this time! You’ll love your guy even more! By the way can I meet him?” she had a few tears. “Of Course!” I said with no tears.


It is kind of hard to introduce Rhiannon to her best friend! Jagger was excited to have her find out, now he could do whatever he wanted around her. So, after school he told her everything! It was such a long story, he loves to drag it out so he looks good. In the mean time I got to meet the his friend who knew about me. Turns out he is pretty cool, witch Jagger never chooses good friends and then falls head over heals over my friends and then proposes to me! Well back up a little. Okay back at the beginning of the day. So now your wondering if I said yes to Jagger. Well I said yes because I knew we would end up marrying each other, why not start going out earlier? This time I had some religious parents so I have to be all goodie-two-shoes. If you have parents like that then you’ll know that its really tough to go out with some one. So to make it easier we shape shift into different people so I won’t get in trouble. Rhiannon’s parents aren’t strict neither are Achilles, his parents are Greek, so we went out together. Rhiannon had an interest in Achilles and vice versa. So this all worked out. Either I paid or Jagger did because we still had all the money from working. It was a lot of fun to go to expensive places and have the waiters look at you like your crazy when you give them a hundred dollar bill. After they leave to go get change we crack up laughing. That’s only on Mondays. On Saturdays we have a bunch of fun doing anything we want. I love Saturdays. First I will tell my mom that I’m going to the mall with Rhiannon (no lie there) then I shape shift and get my car in storage. Jagger does the same. We meet at the mall, about 20 minutes later. First the girls do our shopping, while the guys go get some parts for Jagger’s Ford F-150 and my Mustang/convertible. Then I call tell my mom I’m spending the night at Rhiannon’s cousins’ house same with Rhiannon. Jagger and Achilles make the some believable excuse and they head over to our apartments. We just hang out all night then at some point the boys go in their room and go to sleep or what ever a guys do. Rhiannon and I think on how to remodel my apartment. We do it every spring break. I have done this with a best friend since I was only 1005 years old. Jagger remodels his when he feels like it. This time we are thinking modern art or neon splatters. Right now its baby blue, with white, yellow, light pink, and sea foam green rooms. Last time I did it we thought about a tea kettle for our inspiration. It was very girly.

Sunday was very tiring. After a staying up all night, we were tired. We went into Jagger’s apartment for breakfast. Then I pulled out the eggs, bread, jelly, butter, bacon, bacon grease, milk, and toaster. I started to cook then they came to help. It was fun cooking, dancing, singing, eating, and kissing all at the same time. I was in the middle of kissing Jagger then all the sudden the door bust open! It wasn’t someone I wanted to see! Did I tell you that there was another shape shifter in my school? Well, there sort of is and he found us. He knows were I live because I’ve had him over several times in the last 200 years. He wasn’t planning on seeing me and Jagger swap spit. His Name is Roger Jonathan Hoyt, but we call him R.J. and he was one of the two husbands I’ve had. Then Rhiannon chimed in. “Hey, R.J.! How are you? I haven’t seen you in forever!” Not thinking of the fact that she sees him 5 days a week. “I’m so glad you could join the party!” “Hey what’s up dude? How goes it?” Achilles put in. Rhiannon and Achilles had no idea about R.J.! Thank God they saved us.

“So, witch name do you want for this visit? How about Cleo and while your at it can you change into your original form? Your were so beautiful that first life of yours.” R.J. requested. “Only if you swear to use my whole name. And my form remains the same. You should know that it is terribly tiring! Look why don’t you and Achilles catch up while I talk with Jagger. Rhiannon will you go with them please?” It wasn’t a question, it was a command. They nodded and walked away. No one yelled back or smarted off when I told them to do something. No one. “He can’t be here! He’ll ruin the fun of well, everything! What’s the point of listening to him? You don’t even like him! Just cause he has a crush on you doesn’t he mean you love him!” Jagger was trying to be as quiet as he could but I knew R.J. was listening. “I do like him and he is a good friend so back off. He doesn’t have a weapon so he won’t hurt you! Since I’m not scared neither are you. I wont let him touch me or my friend, you do the same.” I said cool and calm. I learned that from Anne Frank she could always keep her cool. It made fights easier. “How do you stay so clam?” Jagger mumbled. Went into the living room. Rhiannon was as alive as she could be, Achilles was talking about how Greeks built the aqueducts, and R.J. trying not to laugh because he was there when the first aqueducts. So was I but Achilles only knew about me and Jagger! “So Lovanna how are you guys? Is Jaylee still alive? The last time I saw her she just a sweet little girl! She was loved by every boy in the school!” R.J. said with an interesting look. “No she is dead. But you are right, she was loved and she found the perfect guy. Which I’ve had trouble with.” I had to force a laugh since everyone was laughing. “I don’t believe it! R.J. is a shape shifter too isn’t he? You guys didn’t tell us! I’ve been hanging out with him since the first grade and you don’t tell me before the sixth grade?” Rhiannon blurted. After a while I was used to Rhiannon figuring out everything because she is really smart. “Oh, Cleo you didn’t tell them that I was one of you? I’m guessing you haven’t told them what happened two life times ago? Oh, please tell the story, it is one of my favorites!” Roger couldn’t help but ask. I was ignoring the “Cleo” part. Still love the name but don’t care for it in the present Twenty first century. “I better not, I-” “No, please tell.” surprisingly enough it was Achilles voice begging this time. “All right, we have the time. Where do you want me to start?” I said. “How ‘bout the wedding?” Roger couldn’t stop himself once the story was told. “All right.

“I was twenty-five, young, tall, skinny, happy. Rhiannon do you remember when I told you that I only marry one guy” she nodded “Well that isn’t true. I have married one other guy. This guy happens to be in this room.” both Achilles and Rhiannon looked at R.J. and Jagger and I looked down. “Yeah you guys got it. The wedding was amazing!” I told the story of the wedding only once, it was my 2nd favorite wedding. As I said that last sentence Jagger walked out of the room. Roger intended this, he was really an adult but he was in kid form. He knew what he was doing. I knew what I was doing, but three of the 5 of us didn’t know what was going on. Jagger was one of them.

“Well the wedding part wasn’t long it lasted 11miutes. The Honeymoon and the reception was where my money went. My wedding colors were gold and an off maroon. They were dedicated to my dead daughter so it was special to me.” I choked out the last part. I knew Jagger was listening so I’d have no problem getting him to come sit by me, all I had to do was act sad. “My wedding dress was white with gold out line, it had ruffles toward the bottom, it was strapless and tight. That year I choose to wear matchin’ gold high heels. The carpet under my long narrow feet was red so I stood out! My flowers were red roses with sparkling gold outlines. Roses are my favorite I have them in every wedding!” Jagger walked back in and sat beside Achilles. I was angry that he didn’t want to sit by me. “The reception was B-e-a-u-tiful! Chandeliers Hanging every way you looked, lanterns on each table, my best friends all there people dancing like it’s a masked ball! Two little kids were even dancing! Slow dancing isn’t my specialty so I had 2 have a lot of help with not falling.” Rhiannon giggled and Achilles smiled and Roger only chuckled. Jagger sat there not moving, and frowning! Ugh! When would this boy ever be happy? “Well I won’t drone on because it is rather boring to talk about weddings!” RJ got closer to me, this gets so…UGH! “I don’t like the concept of marriage, I mean its just so odd to think that I have to have some girl boss me around all the time!” surprisingly enough said Achilles. He is a ladies man so I expected him to like the idea of a one woman marriage! “ well honestly, marriage is an amazing thing and I hope you choose to have a marriage because it is rather lonely if you don’t have a bride to wed.” said Jagger, who knew he actually thought it was a good thing?

“Alright if your not going to tell the whole story then at least tell them the important part!” said RJ now reaching, so that his arm would rest on my shoulders. “Touch me and you will regret it to the highest heavens!” I growled to him, I knew I was way stronger then him, Way stronger. “And if I touch you then what do you plan to do to me, I know your stronger and quicker, but I’m smaller!” He mumbled to me as quiet as possible. “Are you insulting me? About my size?” I growled so that only the shape shifters can hear. “I very much am insulting you. So, you coming after me now and I get a head start or do I have to wait till your angry?” He said smiling. “Touch her and you’ll die with pain!” mumbled Jagger. Just about now Rhi-Rhi and Achilles are starting to guess that something is going on. “Get behind that car! NOW!” I yelled at Rhiannon and Achilles. They knew it was for them.

Suddenly I felt this terrible pain in my shoulder and RJ was gone. I could feel him. Still in the room! Since the Humans were safe I was good to go until I herd a bloody scream which hurt the humans ears. I looked to my left and stood up. There was RJ ripping through Jagger’s skin. I could feel the blood running down my arm and on to the floor. The pain was gripping, but I had gone through worse. I ran as fast as I could to Jagger. And Jumped on RJ and tarred a piece of skin off but still lingered so that it was reattach able. I wasn’t about to kill him buy Jagger was and I was stronger that him too. I pulled the to apart held one in each hand like little babies. “Jagger calm the heck down. And Roger Jonathan hoyt, you are not to come back until you are dispended enough to handle this! I am with Jagger, and you have no impact on our relationship! So get out now before I rip off your head and you know I will” the last part was a wisper only he could here.

The End

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