"NEW YORK CITY a town built on broken ground where the police arent in control where the streets call the shots it doesnt matter whether your rich or poor down here respect over rules everything"...

2005 december 24th 9:47pm "hey thats not fair " "shut the fuck up it is fair" two men are playing a video game on a large tv old burger king rapers can be seen in the distanc the warehouse is a mess drugs and guns lay everywhere in the distance a man can be seen laying on a couch smoking a ciggeratte two large bangs can be heard all four peolple turn around one is standing near the door he opens the door only to see a man coverd in blood with a bullet wound in his arm "wo marcus what the fu.... "get out of my way" he pushes the person away and walks up to the man on the couch "ahh marcus marcus marcus you always had a neck for danger" " yeh accept this time i was alone your boys fucked up john my dad isnt dead yet" suddenly both men looked at the gun john jumped for the gun marcus suddenly pulled out a 38 auto and shot at john hitting him in the arm wounding him the other men started to pull out there guns when marcus suddenly shot them dead john limped out of a doorway heading for a dummpster leaving a trail of blood marcus open the dumpster to find john fighting for his life "youll never run this city" "merry christmas asshole" shouted marcus shooting him in the head he then took a breath suddenly a shadow figure emerged behind him "you allways did leave a mess" said the man "the betrayed me" answerd marcus "go on get out of here ill clean up this mess oh and marcus merry christmas"

The End

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