A little something written from Rune's viewpoint, a character in the novel I'm working on. Set in the fantasy world that novel is set in, Falyrin.

It called to me, I couldn’t help it. I’m only a fox, after all. I had done the best I could for days. Almost two weeks, even. Proud of myself, I thought I would be able to make the change of lifestyle. I detest the disdain most speechful animals have of speechless animals, and while they are less developed than us speechful animals, I do not consider that a reason to just go around killing them for food.

I was raised with meat as the main course, and my family had no trouble whatsoever committing genocide to a harmless family of hares if they felt like a feast. But I’m stepping away from that and I decided I would lay off meat, and feed myself in other ways.

Like I said, it went quite well for about two weeks. It was hard sometimes, because no matter how much my morals want me to hold back, the taste of salty, chew meat still lingers and makes my mouth water. But I pushed through those moments, and avoided contact with potential prey when possible.

But this morning, it all went wrong. A fluffy little squirrel frolicked around me as I lay in the bushes. I hadn’t eaten yet and there was no fruit to turn to in my moment of despair. It wasn’t afraid of me, which was good in the sense that my speechless animal-friendly approach worked. Yet at that moment, I wished she’d just run off, far away. Those beady eyes and the clicking sound of her teeth against an acorn . . .

I regret to admit she was nothing short of delicious. I hide my head in shame.

The End

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