This story features the beginning on the awakening of Artras, one of the main characters in the 'bigger' story.

It was, without a doubt, a very warm night. The wind was blowing hot air, and yet, the little girl's hands who was sitting under an odd looking tree, were freezing cold. She was holding a mug that in her hands, looked enormous, filled with some sort of a brown liquid that had waves of what appeared to Artras at first, as smoke "It" he began "It's hot", it was quite difficult understanding what he has just said, he mumbled it, and the strong wind made it more difficult to hear."You can speak!" the little girl exclaimed "finally! I mean, I knew you were going to" her voice lowered "but it took you soooo looong", his expression has not changed one bit, despite her excitement. Her head tilted a bit to the side as she let the mug down "oh" her gaze was fixed at his mouth "Sorry, I didn't actually hear what you said". "It's hot" he repeated, sounding almost as if it was a question "huh?" the girl got up and leaned against the tree, she was so short that the tree appeared as if it was mocking her size, it was curved in a way that made it look like an adult crouching down to her, "Yeah, I suppose it is" she smiled "but me" as the wind blew hot air once more "I'm always cold", for the first time Artras has moved the direction of his head, this time toward the girl as he was still sitting down "why" he said it so quick, and so quiet that it seemed to her as if he hasn't said it at all, but she heard it "I'm sick, I'm always cold always was always will be" followed by a soft giggle of some sort she continued "but you're sick too, aren't you?" Artras looked down at his green skinned hands, covered in dirt mixed with a little blood, his blood, images flashing in his head of the struggle to dig out of the ground, of desperately trying to reach for air, the relief of the first breath and the confusion that followed, it was all so wrong, so strange that he could not explain to the little girl how sick he really is. "Vellah" the girl said, picking up the mug as his expression, for the first time at all, has changed and seemed confused, and the girl could see that "That is my name, I am Vellah Goodlight" she bent over and placed the mug in his hands and raised her eyebrows in such fashion gesturing him to drink "Forest's Tea" she whispered as she stood up and took a step back, he opened his mouth, with no sound for a long moment "I am--", "I know who you are, Silly" she said "Artras seemed to be the only thing you remembered when I found you", "That is the only thing I knew!" he shouted throwing the mug shattering it against the tree as the tea poured down it "What a waste!" she exclaimed "this was a perfectly good tea! what is wrong with you?!" his head was now hurting and spinning, too much was going on inside, as if his brain is being rewritten, or perhaps, written for the first time. At first he only knew his name, and then the language poured down into his bowl of knowledge, or maybe memory. At first he wondered if someone had buried him alive, and the lack of air had somehow damaged his brain, but looking at his unfamiliar alien hands, it did not seem at all to be the case to him, he wasn't sure exactly why, but he just knew that wasn't it. "I'm sorry" he said, to Vellah, at this point Artras seemed to be as conscious as he could be, not as brain dead as he seemed not too long ago "Well then, how about you tell me where you came from?" he raised himself and brushed the dirt off of him as best as he could "Thank you for the clothes" he began "I will be going now" she stump her foot loud on the ground "absolutely not!" her eyebrows were so animated at her expression curving themselves downwards as far as possible "people will see you and lose it!, they will think the Aryhanius has been summoned to eat them" he did not seem to know what she was referring to, she flung her hands around and quickly said "ugh, just some prophecy of a green ugly demon that is destined to be summoned", his confusion did not seem to be gotten any less "You are not the first one Artras, iv'e met more" she could tell she finally had his interest when his long green ears twitched the moment she said that, almost like the ears of an animal would "I will tell you everything I know, I promise" the wind blew again, it was so hot that his eyes were stinging from the sweat that would pour from his head to his eyes, he rubbed his eyes with his green hands and then brushed his luminous white hair back to avoid anything more from getting into his eyes "I will tell you all, but you in return" her voice was unsettling and serious "have to tell me all you know" he began staring - looking at her from top to bottom, almost as if he was scanning her trying to look for whatever it is he felt that did not add up... why was this girl so curious? how could she not be terrified of what he is? or at all from all the blood he is covered in "I know nothing, there is nothing I rememeber that happened before I was buried undergro-" she quickly responded "you were not buried, silly" her hair was white, almost as white as his, she occasionally would brush her hand through the lower part of it and sometimes roll her hair around her finger, just as she was doing now "All I know is, that me and my Vanguard have been keeping an eye on you and your siblings, ever since you began awakening 2 years ago, rising out of the ground almost as if you were living corpses, but it was quickly assured that you are not" Vellah was circling the tree, walking around it over and over while telling her bit "it is the same thing every time, they all awaken with no knowledge or memory, and slowly it seems that they begin to remember what they were designed to" he quickly asked "designed to?", "Yes, you were obviously not created by nature!" 

to be continued later when I have time. 

The End

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