Moving OnMature

For a long time, I haunted the streets I had once been able to call my own. The days blurred as I spent a long time watching over Jake, making sure he was okay and that he was out of harm's way. Eventually, he found someone else and he seemed happy enough, although I noticed he always wore the ring I had given him. It touched me how much he cared and killed me inside that I could not be with him again. It was too risky.

I slowly learned to control the bloodlust. After a few disaterous episodes like the first, I could now select my victims and mostly leave them with only a vague memory of dark hair and blue eyes. I used my beauty as a weapon, luring the dregs of society into dark alleys and leaving them wrecks, ripe for repentance.

Eventually though, I had to leave. I too was haunted by the life I had left behind, and the spectre of Lee was always at my shoulder, though I never saw him. I managed to get by through stealing or seducing my way but I needed somewhere to put down some roots for a while and to blend in a little. I wanted to stretch these powers, since it seemed I would have to live with them. Zelthar's offer floated temptingly in my mind. A bounty hunter. It had a ring to it, now that my human life was officially over. All the ties that had held me here had moved on. It was time for me to do the same.

One night, after feeding, I walked to the edge of town and began to run. I had a vague sense of wanting to be in a city and so, using roads as a guide, I headed to Camden Town, London; where my new appearance would not look out of place.

With some difficulty, I managed to find a patch. It was here I encountered my first vampires since being sired.

The bass rumble had become familiar after only a few days. Bars and clubs eventually turned into one and the same after a while. She wrapped an elegant hand around her drink, her pale skin almost glowing in the lights. Her dark hair fell loose around her shoulders, framing stunning blue eyes. Her clothes hugged a perfect figure as she danced with a strange man. Even from across the room, they could smell her scent, the incense and sandlewood for the humans, and a sharper, more feral smell that marked her as one of their own.

They closed in on her sliently. Suddenly, she looks up, meeting the black eyes of the Hunters. They looked at each other. When they glanced back, she had melted into the mass of humans. They grinned, loping after her.

The End

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