New EyesMature

My eyes flickered open.  Colours seemed brighter, more intense and objects were more clearly defined-my sight had improved dramatically. I had been undressed and placed on a luxurious bed in an unfamiliar room which was dimly lit. But I could see perfectly well.

My body ached like I had run for days on end though. My throat burned as though I had been drinking acid and my top jaw prickled and I felt my canines extend lazily, like cats claws. I streched out an arm, noting how pale my skin was. I had always been pale, but now my skin was nearly translucent. I heard soft footsteps outside (my hearing was sharper?) and the door whispered open.

"How are you feeling my love?" a blond haired, beautiful man purred at me.

"I see you have only just woken up." He said moving close to me, sitting on the bed in front of me and stroking my cheek. "Surely you cannot have forgotten me? Lee."

He leaned in to whisper in my ear. The instant his name fell into my ears, my memory rushed back in a flash. I screamed and hit out at him, smashing into his face with my fist. He fell back, bleeding from his nose.

"You! What have you done?! How could you?! I never wanted to be like you... I hate you! I hate you-" Lee leapt up and grabbed me by the throat, lifting me off the ground. I began to choke.

"Now, now, love. Don't scream like that. Hunters may arrive and that really would be unpleasant. You are now a vampire. A strong one too judging from that punch. I'm proud of you. But your old life is now gone. Those feeble humans that had been holding you back all this time are now making preparations for your funeral. You can never return. Oh and by the way, as your sire, I will be looking after you."

He dropped me to the floor. I collapsed coughing and deeply shaken. I felt sick. He pinned me under his body.

"Forever mine darling Asha. You are truly beauty incarnate. And now you are mine." He brushed his lips over my collarbone, trailing down. My skin crawled and burned. I choked again, trying to speak, and he laughed.

"Rest now love. I will be back shortly with some food." With that he got up and left me alone.

As soon as I caught my breath again I got to my feet. I needed to get out of here. I dressed in the clothes that I had been wearing before (left on a chair in the corner) and looked carefully at what I had at my disposal. I heard Lee moving close by and figured he would be coming soon. I went for the most obvious plan.

Placing the chair under the window, I stood on it and hammered away at the window. I had been placed on the ground floor. It quickly smashed under my new strength and I leapt out, with more grace than I had ever managed before. I heard Lee yell out the window and I bolted. The world around me blurred with the speed I had. I only stopped when I could not catch my breath any longer. I ended up in a back alley, close to where Lee had attacked me. I took scope and tried to figure out what to do next. As far as I could tell, I was on my own.

The End

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