Beginning and an EndMature

Screaming in fear and hate, I kicked out at Lee. Although I loved martial arts, I'd never used them and so I was pleasantly suprised when he grunted in pain, his grip losening. I shoved at him and he fell away to one side, purple in the face, his hands holding his lower half. I stumbled, running away, fleeing to the streets and away. I collapsed on the inside of my flat door half an hour later, shaking and crying.

"Asha? Is that... Asha!? Whats happened babe?" Jake came round the corner. He was my flatmate, a great friend. He crouched beside me, looking right into my eyes. "Asha, did he hurt you? I'll fucking kill him if he did.. What happened?"

I took serveral deep breaths at once, calming myslef enough to talk.

"We.. we got.. a-a-ttacked. Justin's d-dead. He... he.." I burst into tears again as Jake pulled me into a tight hug.

"Oh honey..Its okay.. I'm here." He murmured. Eventually he let me sit up, although kept one arm draped protectively around me.

"I'm not going anywhere Asha. Not for a long time. And when you're ready, we'll get the police and get the bastard who did this."

I nodded my head against his chest. Years later, I would think back on that moment with a sense of irony.

One Year Later

I strode confidently down the street aware that I was turning heads. I was dressed as the classic sexy goth and I made sure everyone saw. I wanted to be notorious now. My gaze was dangerous and anyone who met it instantly looked away. My tumbling black hair bounced on my back as I moved swiftly down the street towards the flat. I climbed the familiar stairs and shut the world out. Jake stood facing me, arms folded.

"Where were you? I've been worried-" he began

"Jake, please don't." I said, shortly, going to brush past him.

"No. You listen." He said, catching my arm. "We have been going out five months. We've know each other for just about forever. We're engaged. We live together. Asha, I love you but this is killing me. You disappear suddenly and don't turn up til morning.."

"Leave me alone!" I cried, flinging his arm away. There was a pause.

"I love you." I murmured, tears in my eyes. "But I have to go.."

I walked out again, ignoring his shouts. I ran out into the street, and made for the back alleys where I felt safest now. Once I was there, I relaxed again, my head high, the proud woman again. I leaned against a wall, one foot placed on the wall, balancing my slight weight on the other. I flipped my hair back, catching the eye of a pale-skinned man as he walked. A whisper stirred in my memory but I ignored it, meeting the green eyes with a feigned confidence. His cheekbones were sharp, accentuating the cat-like shap of his eyes, which were rimmed with red. His hair was bleached white-blonde. He was dressed in a long dark coat. He smiled back at me from a while away, slowly prowling forward, a sexy predator. I let my hair fall over my shoulder, creating a backdrop to my face for him, smiling seductively. His smile widened. For some reason I felt like running, panicked although I had done this many times to score. To forget.

"Well, well. Hello my love." A familiar voice purred as two rock-solid arms closed either side of me, trapping me where I stood.

"Lee." I gasped, leaning flat against the wall.

"You remembered? How sweet.." He spoke in a lover's murmur, bending his head to one side, where my neck was exposed. His body pinned mine against the wall, trapping my arms and legs. I could not move. I tried to flinch away, but hit his arm. It was like being hit by marble and my head span. I shook it slowly, trying to clear my thoughts.

Lee leaned in, kissing me deeply on the lips. "So sweet.." he breathed, tracing his lips down, along my jaw and to my neck. I was paralysed by fear, dazed by the impact with his {cold} marble-like arm. I shuddered helplessly.

"Shh." He whispered. "I shall take care of you my love."

"I don't love you I never will." I muttered bitterly.

"You will when I give you eternity. You will Asha." He murmured, pressing his lips to my neck. There was a moment of warmth, then a sharp sting and I gasped, trying to get away, unable to move. There was a burning sensation spreading out from where his lips touched my skin, like burning ice. I sobbed weakly, my legs collapsing. My head was swimming and began to spin. Lee moved away and I slid to the floor, only semi-concious. I saw the glitter of a knife in Lee's hand and barely cared. Something warm dripped into my parted lips. Something was pressed to my mouth, and a warmish coppery taste filled my senses, which faded to nothing.

The End

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