The touch of his lips on mine sent a bolt of pure pleasure through me. Surprising both of us, I kissed him back, feeling my lips move confidently over his as my hands tangled in his hair. I felt his breath catch as he increased the pressure of the kiss, which I matched. He pushed me against the door, one arm pulling me close to his body, the other gently cradling my face. He lifted my hips against his, taking my weight in his arms. His lips ghosted to my ear as he whispered, making me shiver.

"We'll get into trouble if we keep this up in public."

I smiled slowly, "You'll have to let me open the door then."

His low laugh sent tremors through me and he let me down long enough to open the door. After I had shut it, I turned to face him. Jay lifted me, taking all of my weight in his arms, kissing me hard. I returned his kiss with equal force, wrapping my legs around his hips as he pulled me closer. My hands wove themselves into his hair as I supressed a moan of pleasure.

Somehow we staggered over to the sofa, where we collapsed, Jay braced over me.

"Are you sure?" He asked, breathless. I didn't bother replying, kissing him instead as I undid the buttons on his shirt. He didn't ask again.

My clothes swiftly joined his on the floor and his hands mirrored mine as they skimmed over his perfect body. He began kissing lower, drawing a moan from me. I flipped him over, kissing high on the inside of his thigh, laughing a little as his pleasure became more than evident. Kissing my way up his body, I felt his muscles ripple as he moved, pinning me under him again.

We lost ourselves in the sensations of the moment, unaware of the time slipping past us. Eventually, we slipped into sleep, Jay's arms wrapped possesivly around me as I lay across his chest.

I dreamed of Jake.


I woke to a male voice, screaming my name. I was drenched in a cold sweat, shuddering violently, tears on my cheeks. I realised I was screaming, uncontrollably. Someone had my shoulders, shaking them and blindly, I pulled them close to me, burying my face in their bare chest. The screaming stopped. A pair of strong male arms wrapped themselves around me. A gentle kiss was planted on my head as they comforted me. Slowly, I remembered. It was Jay.

"I'm sorry." I murmured brokenly into his chest. "I'm so sorry."

"Its okay. Asha, its okay, I promise."

For once, I let myself be comforted.

The End

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