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"Impressive." A familiar male voice sounded behind me.

I felt my cheeks colour as I turned to face Jay. "I do what I have to in order to survive."

One corner of his mouth lifted. "I said it was impressive didn't I?"

I hummed, looking away. Jay put a hand on my shoulder. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Asha. You've had a tough time."

I shrugged his hand off, feeling despondant. "Jake hated it when I did that."

Without warning, Jay had pulled me into a hug. "Stop beating yourself up. You are not to blame for what happened. Look at everything you have come through before now. All the years you managed alone. You can be forgiven. You can start again. Make things right now. Help me rescue Jessica. I can't do it without you, Asha."

After a few moments I put my arms around him, feeling my throat go tight with emotion. When I was eventually able to speak, I could only manage two words.

"Thank you."

We spent the night hunting together. I got the impression Jay hadn't fed much recently either. I was curious to watch another vampire hunt. His methods weren't too different from mine, except he merely seduced them to the point they were almost hypnotised and took only a little blood from each.

"Its slow but less messy." He explained later. "Plus you can go back for more if you need to."

He earned himself  a smile at that.

"I think I'll stick to the seduce the creeps and execute vigilante revenge approach." I replied, winking.

He laughed, a velvet sound that sent chills down my spine. "Each to their own." 

His smile as he walked me home was scorching. The breaking dawn gave his blonde hair a warm honey glow, his arm slung across my waist, almost possesively.

"I guess this is where we have to separate." His tone was whistful, lending me a strange kind of boldness.

"Only if you want to go." I glanced up through my lashes and was rewarded with a heated glare and another scorching smile. There was a flash of hunger in his eyes that had everything to do with a uniquely male appetite. He took a half-step closer, pinning me against the door to my appartment. His breath fell against my face as he took my chin gently, tilting it upwards slightly so that our eyes met. Unconciously, both of us smiled.

"Tease." Jay murmured a moment before his lips brushed against mine.

The End

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