I led Jay through the streets that took us to my little apartment. There was an awkward silence between us as we regarded each other through furtive glances. Jay was just as I remembered him; his mesmerising crimson eyes peering through his blonde hair, which seemed to gather what little light there was around and reflect it back. I flicked a protective curtain of hair between us, smiling slightly. Something about Jay reminded me of Jake and I felt comforted by that, the grief that had settled somewhere around my midriff was somewhat eased by his presence.

My stomach flipped when I remembered what I had to tell him. Mentally, I began to brace myself for the inevitable anger that would follow my revelations.

After a few minutes, we reached my flat. I unlocked the door, letting Jay walk in first. He looked around appreciativly. Though it was small, I kept it clean, decorated in a modern style with a few ornaments and lights to give a slight gothic twist.

"This is beautiful." He said, his gentle voice again sending shivers through me. When I looked at him though, his eyes were on me. I smiled slightly.

"Its where I call home for now." I tried to make light of his comment, but a warm pebble of pride settled somewhere around my chest area. His comments, while probably only made to be polite, still made me smile, as compliments were rare in my life. And they would be rarer now Jake-

Stop it. I bit down on the thought, cutting it off before it was fully formed. Don't dwell on it. Jake is gone, move on, survive, be happy. Thats what he always wanted from you. Just a smile.

Jay was watching me, a small crease appearing between his eyes. I hastily cleared my expression and gave him a smile.

"Do you want a drink or something before we talk?" My voice was falsely bright as I moved towards the kitchenette.

"Just water thank you." Jay gave me a crooked smile which sent my stomach into backflips again. I filled two glasses, gesturing at Jay to sit down.

"This is going to take a bit of explaining." I said ruefully.

After handing him a glass, I sat in the arm chair, while Jay perched on the end of the sofa closest to me. He set his glass down quickly, watching me carefully.

"In answer to your question in the bar, yes, we have met before." I began cautiously, "But I looked a bit different.." Jay looked confused. I sighed and took the plunge.

"Jay, I'm the Shadow. I'm the one who took Jessica."

There was a pause, no more than a few heartbeats, then a look of pure fury overtook his features.

"Jay...I'm so sorry."

In one fluid movement, he got up and put a knife to my throat. There was a slight burning sensation as I realised it was pure silver.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now." His voice was icy cold and quivered with the tension of his reined emotions.

"Because I'm you're best hope of finding Jessica and getting her back alive." My voice was calm- a lot calmer than I really felt.

Jay's breathing was laboured and he glared at me with the full force of his crimson eyes, which flashed poison at me. Finally, he lowered his knife reluctantly.

"How exactly do you propose we do that then?" He replied cautiously.

I outlined the plan to him carefully, quickly catching his full attention. When I had finished he sat back, eyes glittering with inspiration.

"That might actually work." His voice had the tone of someone who was deep in thought, his hostility forgotten for the moment.

"The main issue is, can you trust me enough to go through with this?" My voice was cautious again, causing Jay's head to snap back towards me.

The End

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