It felt strange to be settled on the broad windowsill again. In a relatively short space of time, my entire life had been tipped upside down and yet I was right back here, watching Jay wander aimlessly around the room.

All I need is Jessica to walk in and it would  be some kind of creepy deja vu.

An icy finger trailed itself down my back as the door opened. For a second, I thought it was going to be Jessica who walked through, but instead it was just another vampire, one I'd seen in the clubs I had frequented. Jay greeted him and they chatted about insignificant things for a short while, before Jay ushered him out. Apparently he wanted to be alone as well. I recognised the haunted look in his eyes  as the same emotion that had paralysed me. I left him there, respecting his need to be alone, and went to hunt the clubs. I was not going to break down. No matter how raw I felt inside, I was going to finish this. Jake wanted me to go to the Mansion- this sanctuary. Once all this was done, I would do just that. I would find the place and maybe, finally, escape The Shadow once and for all.

I passed a few hours in the club I usually hung around in, re-aquainting myself with the barmen and generally fending off any attention. I wasn't in the mood for anything other than a (sort of) quiet drink. A rock club could hardly be called quiet, but it was where I was comfortable. I was shocked when, as I was thinking of leaving, Jay walked up to the bar. He was greeted like a regular and given 'the usual'. My mind racing, I struggled to think of what to do when he suddenly spotted me, narrowing his eyes. He strode right up to me.

"Have we met before?" The cadence of his voice sent pleasant shivers down my spine.

"Feel like going somewhere a bit more..private?" I said, hoping my anxiety didn't show in my voice. "I have a bit of a bombshell for you."

I was rewarded with raised eyebrows and a nod before we set down our drinks, heading back for mine.

The End

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