"Asha, run." Jake's voice was almost inaudiable as the flames raced towards us. "They recognise me, but not you. They can't know who you are...if you run, theres a chance you'll escape."

"No!" I whispered back, anguished. "They'll kill you!"

"Go!" He shoved me out of the ring of fire as it closed around him. I backed away, burying myself in shadows as agents of the Council closed in.

"Jake.." I whispered as screams rose from the flames. Tears ran down my face, scalding hot. I knew his voice anywhere.

"Now, now boys, don't damage the goods." Zelthar's voice cut through and the bulky agents backed off. The flames died down to nothing but embers, revealing Jake's body on the ground, smoking. I bit back a scream, tears running silently down my cheeks, which were burning.

"He's alone." A cool voice nearly made me flinch. Lee.

"I think we can all see that." Zelthar commented dryly.

"Wasn't someone meant to be with him?" Lee continued, his voice still cold. I recognised the tone he used when he didn't want to seem interested. "A girl?"

From where I was hidden, I could see the side of Lee's face. He was tense, anxious, but hiding it. Looking for me.. I thought to myself. Silently, and as cautiously as I could manage, my hand crept to my pocket, where my mask was hidden. I was barely breathing. If just one of them looked in my direction, I would be discovered.

"Take him away." Zelthar dismissed the notion with a shake of his head. The mask was tied finally. I tensed slightly, waiting for a moment. Zelthar and Lee were talking in tones too low for me to hear. My attention focused on Jake, who was apparently unconcious. Silently, I willed him to wake up. He had to be okay..

The agents moved to block any kind of view I had of Jake. There was a sickening smell of burned flesh in the air. I noticed Lee looked faintly disgusted, whereas Zelthar seemed not to notice.  The agents were discussing who would take what-apparently unwilling to touch Jake's body. Remembering the sound of feedback, I summoned it now, and amplified it into their minds, a hundred times louder and more shrill than it would ever be in real life. They started to yell, collapsing with blood pouring out of orafices. Lee and Zelthar were the only two not affected, alongside Jake. Lee was bent over one of the agents.

"They're dead." He pronounced flatly. Zelthar's eyes flashed a dangerous crimson.

"How?" he hissed as a breeze rippled through the grass. Lee glanced up and met my eyes. They widened a fraction before he turned back to Zelthar.

"I don't know." His voice echoed in the silence blandly.

I tensed again. Zelthar had moved and now had his back to me. I realised that my mask was a foolish idea and that my best bet was to remain an anonymous vampire. Just one that fought well. I let it drop in the grass, springing up a moment later, burying both of my swords into Zelthar's back a few seconds later. They slid out as he crumpled to the ground, glistening darkly in the little light there was around. Lee faced me, his expression unreadable.

"You haven't killed him." He said flatly.

I nodded. "I just need to get out of here Lee."

"That guy," he indicated Jake with a toss of his head. "You care about him a lot don't you?"

I nodded again. Lee's face contorted and in a flash he was standing over Jake.

"You're mine Asha!" holding Jake's body high, he tore Jake's head from his shoulders.  I stood numbly as Jake's blood rained over Lee's head like some kind of sick baptism. Zelthar began to stir behind me. I walked over and collected my mask.

"I will never forgive you for this, nor will I forget Lee. You're dead to me now." My voice sounded dead and cold. "If I were you, I'd check the locks at night from now on."

With that I ran into the night, disappearing into the city. It was only once I had checked into my room and shut the door at the first hotel that I collapsed to my knees, hugging my stomach. My face was stretched into a silent scream of grief as sobbed wracked every inch of my body with a violence I had never experienced before. Every part of my body and mind wanted to reject the image of Lee's triumphant face as he held Jake's headless body over his head. The hard floor pressed against my legs harshly and I welcomed the pain. The sobs had me choking and retching but still I couldn't stop. My head felt as though it was splitting open and still I couldn't control my emotions. My nails dug trenches into my sides as I clutched at them, feeling as though I was going to blow apart with the pressure building up inside me. At the same time, all I wanted to do was disappear. After a long time, I lost conciousness.

The End

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