We travelled through the night, enjoying the fact that we could now stretch our legs and push ourselves. After so long cooped up, the night air felt cool and refreshing, despite the relative warmth of the evening.

We paused for a while around mid-afternoon the next day. It was a pretty spot, a cluster of trees set on top of a hill, giving lovely views across the valley we had just crossed. On the other side, the city-our destination-glittered like a cluster of diamonds in the daylight. Jake and I settled in the shade of the trees, still wary of being too exposed. Caution had now become ingrained into our every action. It was with a pang that I noticed Jake's carefree smile had become increasingly strained. I was used to this life. Clearly, Jake had not had to live with constant threat the same whay I had.

"I'm sorry for dragging you into all of this Jake." I said quietly, laying my head on his arm.

He shifted so that my head rested on his chest and his arm was around my shoulders.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now." He replied gently.

After a time spent in comfortable silence, we decided to press on, encouraged by the sight of our destination and the continuing eerie silence around us. It was as though all of the creatures had evacuated the area and left us in a vaccuum. Even the air was completely still. Even though we made very little noise, even to our sensetive ears, any noise we did make seemed magnified, almost echoing in the vast silence. A tendril of uneasiness began snaking through the pit of my stomach. The trend continued through to the night. Still the area around us remained silent. Throughtout the day, we had begun to travel faster and faster, by unspoken recognition of the uneasiness that was now palpable. We were running shortly after the moon hit the sky with lances of silver crashing through the trees. We both had the distinct feeling that there was someone following us-or outmanoeuvering us.

We were nearly at the outskirts of the town when our fears were realised. Rising up from the deep shadows created by tufts of grass in the medows, bulky Council Hunters and fighters. Dead ahead of us, the grass burst into flames, which ran round to cut off our escape. Trapped.

The End

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