I cursed fluidly under my breath as I ran back to my camp. I collected all of my remaining stores and considered what I could do as I packed them into a bag. I strapped various knives and daggers to my body, aware that I may not be able to return after this, or would have to move very quickly. I prepared an area for my visitor to rest, as they would need to once I freed them. I placed some clean bandages within easy reach in my bag and left the rest by the area, aware that they would be needed with the amount of injuries I had seen. I supressed a shudder and prayed that I would not be too late.

Shouldering my bag, I strapped my swords to my back as I took to the trees, moving swiftly and almost silently through the canopy, making no more noise than a breeze. The light was fading as I reached the camp again and fires were springing up to light the area with flickering shadows. I stayed as still as was possible, as close to the camp as I dared, vibrating minutely in my anxiety. My fingers drummed silently on the branches as I waited for the guards to be set up. As the pairs disappeared into the forest I tensed slightly. A pair was set up by the door of the prison and the main camp area was deserted. I knew I had one hour to get this done. I took a deep breath to steady my hands and slipped across the line of the trees parallel to the prison wagon. I pressed myself against the steel, wincing at the cold bite of silver, though thankful it wasn't holy in any way.

Moving as fast as I could, I slashed the throats of the guards, easing them to the floor. I drained one of them then broke the lock on the prison wagon, dragging both bodies inside. I closed the door, then moved to the figure that was sprawled on the ground, my fingers already closing on the bagged blood as I fell to my knees.

"Please be okay," I whispered a prayer under my breath as I dripped blood between the parted lips. My hand trembled slightly as the bag emptied and there was no response. The second bag was almost gone as well when finally there was a flicker of movement from the body. Immediately I pressed the still-warm guard's open wound to the lips. Reflexively they began to  feed. When they had done, they sighed and slumped unconcious to the floor.

I picked them up and left, being careful to close the wagon door and leave minimal traces. We managed to get to my camp without any major incident and I laid my guest down, waiting for him to wake up.

When he finally regained conciousness he smiled weakly.

"Last I saw you were half buried in pavement," I grinned "Just can't get rid of you can I Jake?"

The End

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