"No!" I cried as Lee lunged straight for Jake. In my mind, he still seemed human. However, I backed away as Jake threw Lee back out of the hole in the wall. Jake's eyes seemed to glow slightly in the fading light of the evening as he followed Lee out onto the lawn. There was no one around.

"Jake!" I shouted as he hauled Lee into the air, choking him as though he was a doll. "Leave him! He's not worth it!"

Jake ignored me, his eyes definately glowing as Lee slowly choked. Then finally he spoke.

"You will leave here. You will leave Asha alone. If you ever come back, if you ever come near her again, I will kill you, sire or not." Finally, Jake dropped Lee to the ground. After a few moments Lee straightened up to face us. I had my arm on Jake, keeping him back.

"Well, well my love. Seems you have been playing away from home." Lee ignored Jake entirely, focusing his gaze on me. "And after I said I would come back as well." He feigned a disappointed tone, though there was a trace of hurt there too.

"You poisoned me and left me for dead, Lee." I hissed. Jake tensed under my touch. I kept my hand on his arm, making sure he did not get to Lee again. Jake's eyes still glowed.

"You betrayed me and left me for dead in the forest, darling."

"Stop that!" I yelled "I don't love you, Lee! Stop calling me darling or love or anything. Just get away from me! Let me be happy for once! Even when I was human, you kept interfering with my life-that's why I left you, thats why I moved away- you were suffocating me!"

Lee took a step back as though genuinely shocked. "I love you Asha. I want to take care of you.."

"I don't love you Lee. I never have. And I never pretended to either.." I spoke firmly and clearly. I turned to Jake. "Stay here a minute, please."

I went and stood right in front of Lee, the closest I had willingly stood near him since I was human. He met my eyes and instantly grabbed my arm. His eyes flashed icy green as he plunged the blessed silver dagger into my stomach.

"If I can't have you, no one will my love." He snarled.

Jake yelled incoherently and blasted Lee away from me with a ball of energy. I crumpled, my hand over the wound that was already beginning to burn with the familiar icy feel. Suddenly Lee was standing over me, grinning maliciously. He grabbed the front of my shirt, hauling me to my feet. The silver dagger was still in his hand. My vision started going dimmer and I realised I had about thirty seconds before I collapsed again.I grabbed the dagger from Lee's lose grasp and plunged it into his chest. He howled and sprinted away, dropping me like a sack. I fell to the ground. For the second time, Jake took me back inside.

The End

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