Emergancy ActionMature

I followed the pair for about a week. There were no more incidents as close as before, but a few times one of them caught me watching, especially when I let my attention wander from Jessica.

At nights, when they didn't go out, I found a window ledge where I could listen to their conversations, but still remain out of sight. They were a very close pair and I felt a pang of guilt at what I had to do. Quickly, I smothered it. I had to take her or Zelthar would kill me. When he first contracted me, that had been clear enough and his shows of power had not lessened over the decades. He saw me as a tool and if I didn't function properly, I would be discarded along with the others I had seen go along the way. I refused to think what my life might have been like had I not been sired by Lee. Maybe if I had been sired by the blonde, whom Jessica called Jay, I might have been able to live free from this constant threat..

"Jess?"  The blonde (I refused to call him Jay. I couldn't get attached) had an odd tone in his voice. Scanning his thoughts, I scrambled to grab my weapons, but I was too slow to stop what happened next. I debated as he spoke

 "I've realised now that only vampires with powers have different eye colours for when they feed, and sometimes they don't ever really have red eyes," my thoughts flashed on my own eyes," so I want to find out your power." 

Mentally, I swore. This was not good.

 "Power? My eyes change colour?"

 "You didn't know? Yeah! Your eyes turn purple."

 "Purple's my favourite colour!"

They both started laughing. Making a split-second decision, I realised I couldn't let them discover whatever powers Jessica might have. Standing on the ledge, I smashed the window, scattering glass over the pair. Masked, I leapt in, making a grab for Jessica. I smothered a curse as the blonde blocked me. I hadn't wanted to do another one like this. I slammed a fist into the side of his head, knocking him down.

"I'm sorry" I whispered to him, almost silently. My swords were in my hands. At that point, I had never hated my job and myself more. They came down again and again, jarring as they hit. I shut off the part of me that screamed out against it until I knew it was done.

Jessica cowered in a corner. I hated the fact that the terror on her face was because of me. I hated the fact she had just watched as her sire had been probably killed in front of her. I hated that I was sending her to the Council.

Its something you have to do. Zelthar will kill you otherwise. Yes he's most likely going to force her into what you do, but whats that to with you?

"Jessica?" She looked up at me in horror. "Come with me."

When she didn't move, I knocked her out and took her with me. I didn't dare look back.

The End

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