A DistractionMature

I decided to take to the rooftops for a change as I followed. The blonde was reassuring Jessica about the little lunging incident. I was standing on the rooftop, more listening to his voice than paying attention to the job in hand when the wind changed direction, coming from behind me. At first, I didn't realise, mesmerised by the kindness this sire was showing for the girl, but his crimson eyes flashed up, meeting mine. I felt a jolt, like when I missed a step going downstairs as human and vanished into the shadows again. He did a double take, shaking his head when he lost me. I didn't allow myself to breathe again until they had both disappeared into the building opposite me.

I sighed in relief. Too close for comfort. Mentally, I chastised myself for getting distracted again by the blonde. Focus. Get the girl and go quick. Lee will be here soon and your chance will be gone.

I set myself up on the roof for the night, deciding that it would encourage me to be fast if I didn't have anywhere comfortable to sleep. There was a doorway that would serve to sheild me from prying eyes during the day. I settled there, brushing the litter away and tried to banish the image of the crimson-eyed blonde that now seemed seared on my retinas. I eventually settled into an uneasy sleep as shops started opening for the humans. The sounds of the streets invaded my dreams and I woke frequently throughout the day. I gave up on sleep entirely; it was just a way to pass the time anyways now and decided to go hunting.

It was too easy to pick up some sleazy human, even at this early hour of the evening. The sun had not even set properly, so the scent of other vampires I caught were mainly old, from yesterday or a couple of days ago. I delt with him quickly, feeding and leaving him unconcious in the hotel room he had booked. I left a handfull of bills for the room. Back on the streets, I ran into the pair I was hunting. Literally. I wasn't wearing my mask as I had been feeding and my trench coat and weapons were stashed near to where I had slept. I was dressed only in a black tank top and skinny jeans. A fake silver studded belt circled my waist. Real silver seemed to make me very ill. I had put some eyeliner on to accentuate my eyes.

The blonde's eyes widened in recognition and he opened his mouth to say something. Jessica looked from him to me at a speed only a vampire could follow. I disappeared into the nearest club, hearing his voice attempt to call me back. I prayed he wasn't curious enough to follow.

The End

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