On The JobMature

The instant Lee crumpled, I ran.

A city. I need a city. I need to hide. I can't be near him.

I ran to the largest city that was in the vicinity. I could hide, blend into the crowds, become anonymous. I pulled the mask on when I reached it at nightfall. I craved the anonymity it gave me and I felt more powerful hidden behind it. Less vulnerable. Less at the mercy of my half-crazed sire.

The streets were busy, filled with people of all descriptions. The trench coat I wore to hide my weapons flared in the mild breeze. The scents that came with it were all enticing and new. I was drawn to the rumbling bass I could feel and hear from the clubs. I flitted down a street, pausing to catch my breath. The wind changed and I caught the scent of two vampires. A couple, arms linked.

The guy glanced up as they passed, shrugging with a fluid grace that was remarkable even for a vampire. His blonde hair caught the little light there was and was perfectly styled. His eyes were crimson, the usual colour for a vampire. My own vibrant blue eyes were an apparent oddity that spoke of my 'talents'. His body was a symphony of grace and power that unconciously drew me to him. I held back in the shadows though, watching as he dissappeared with his girl into another club.

I glimpsed the face of the girl and inwardly groaned. It had to be her. My assignment. One Jessica Scott. Human, suspected hypnosis powers. Mission; turn and retrieve. Payment on delivery.

One thing was for certain, those crimson eyes did not belong to a human. The blonde must have turned her, which would explain why they were together. Cursing my luck, I followed them into the club. I stayed hidden in the shadows, semi-concealed by the growing crowd. They were at the bar, drinks in hand. The blonde was on edge and with a quick scan of his thoughts I saw why; she was a newborn.

I watched as she lunged at a boy crossing the dancefloor and noted with wry amusement the way the blonde dragged her out of the club. I was tempted to feed myself but thought better of letting my prey go just yet.

I followed, getting close enough to hear the blonde say "Lets go home." His voice stirred some emotion in me I couldn't place. It was like a siren call. Shaking my head, I flitted along the shadows, doing my job. It would not end well to be distracted.

Zelthar had been right. This was a tough one.

The End

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