Zelthar grinned, producing a pile of equpiment as if from no where.

"There is only one condition, Asha my dear. Tell no one, or the consquences will be dire. Do you really want anyone to know of your little accident earlier today?"

I went cold. Zelthar knew about Alec and Jason in the alley. I nodded as Zelthar placed the pile into my hands. There were dark, slim fitting clothes, weapons, and a pack.

"This is everything you will need. I know you already can weild weapons such as these. The clothes and pack are a necessary part for your survival. Should you need to flee or hide, they will aid you."

I nodded, glad that I was already dressed in a similar fashion to what I was being offered. I placed the pile on the hotel bed.

"And this is your first assignment." He handed me a thick packet. "This shows your target, I want him gone-quietly. Minimal mess please. I will reward you handsomely. Should you fail...well, the consquences will be dire."

I nodded again, weighing the packet in my hand. There seemed to be a lot of paper in there.

"You have one month. Then I will find you again, here. If you do not return, I will consider this a failure. Do not let me down Asha. I would hate to have to ruin things for you."

"Understood." I said quietly. Zelthar smiled at me.

"In one month, Asha dear."

The moment Zelthar left, I sat down  on the bed by the weapons. There was a pair of half-swords that caught my eye but they looked too elegant for the likes of me. I settled on some daggers and throwing knives, which looked sturdy and not too showy. The clothes were of fine quality, all black and fitted, designed to look good and allow maximum movement. Once I was dressed, the weapons concealed in subtle pockets and holders all over my body, I looked in the mirror. I scarcely recognised myself.

I look like an assassin..

The thought was an uncomfortable one. I spent the night studying the packet, realising the 'target' was a mildly troublesome human helper who had been attracting too much attention to us. He also lived only a block away in some small flats.

One week later, I found myself in a darkened flat, listening to the sound of wine glasses being moved around. It had been too easy to get the man drunk and persuade him to take me to his flat. I was tense, tracing the curve of a dagger through the thin material of my t-shirt.

He placed the glasses on the table and settled on the sofa next to me. My pulse accelerated. Just a little closer..

He leaned in and I struck as fast as my abilities allowed. At the last moment, he moved, the dagger missed his chest, slicing his stomach instead. He started screaming. I went again, this time getting his throat as the door burst open. I froze, hissing at the pair who came in. I lunged for them, fangs exposed. When it went silent, I fled for the relative saftey of the hotel room.

I collapsed against the door, breath sobbing in my throat.

"Asha my dear, that was hardly quiet now was it?"

The End

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