Fatal ErrorMature

Quickly, I settled into a routine. Hit a club, pick someone up, feed, then clean up and repeat. During the day, I settled in dark corners that had been undisturbed for a while, or if I was lucky to pick someone with money, I had a hotel room for the night.

Today it was a dingy little nightclub, seedy, the stereotype of a Soho night out. Some guy, very drunk, not bad looking, had 'picked me up' and was attempting to dance. I slid my arms around his neck, leaning in.

"Hows about you get us another round?" I purred, falsely seductive.

He nodded, failing to notice that my drink was mostly untouched. He sauntered off into the crowd by the bar. I carried on dancing, genuinely enjoying the music. Two men hovered in the shadows by the wall. Their pale skin glowed like mine. I pretended not to notice them, continuing to sway. I kept them in the corner of my eye, my prey forgotten. Even through the throng of humans, I could smell the sharp scent that marked them as something decidedly inhuman. I recognised it as vampire and I had no intention of being anywhere near them. Zelthar and Lee had made their mark and I did not want to have a repeat experience.

I saw them glance at each other and instantly fled into the shifting crowd, knowing they would be able to smell me while I was still in the club. I wove swiftly through the crowd, getting close enough to the door to feel the icy night air caress my skin when an iron grip closed on my wrist.

"Now, do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?" a pair of breath taking grey eyes implored me. His brown hair fell messily in semi-curls and his smile whispered of fangs. I swallowed.

"Don't make this difficult for us love, please?" Another voice purred in my ear, making me flinch away. This voice, soft as velvet, belonged to a pair of green-black eyes, with black hair that cascaded to his broad, muscular shoulders. My throat went dry but I hardened my gaze, replying in a voice that was as cold as the air outside.

"Don't touch me."

They laughed, though the grip on my arm losened. I felt my muscles tense, ready to run. My eyes flicked between the pair, who seemed highly amused by me.

"Easy now miss." The green eyes muttered, glancing at the bouncer. His gaze was fixed on me, a small crease forming between his eyebrows. I met his eyes, attempting to draw him over. The grey eyed vampire bent down to my ear.

"If he comes over here, it will not end well for anyone." he whispered.

"What is going on here?" I flinched at the sound of the bouncer's hard voice. Both vampires wheeled to face him.

"Let go of the lady mister or I'll have you thrown out right now." He continued. The vampire grugingly complied. I flashed a grateful smile at the bouncer and ran off, trying not to think about his fate. I flashed out of the door, weaving through streets that were only vaguely familiar to me. I was thirsty, my fangs aching.

I made for another nearby club, hoping to lose myself in the crowds. I was one street away, when standing at the corner, was the pair from earlier.

"Alec," the green eyed one muttered.

"I see her Jason."

I fled again, going back the way I'd come. I made it down one street before they grabbed me.

Jason slammed me into the wall of the alley, holding my arms behind my back, causing both shoulders to crack.

"Ease off Jason!" Alec barked. His face contorted, Jason obeyed.

Alec smirked at me, pinned by Jason.

"For a yearling, you really are very weak." His icy voice matched his eyes as he circled around us. "And stupid."

My throat was burning uncomfortably now. It had been too long since I'd fed and there were traces of blood in the alley.

"Let me go." I muttered, my cheek pressed against rough brick. I could feel my fangs pressing against my lower lip.

They laughed together. "You aren't going anywhere sweetheart." Jason chuckled in my ear. I closed my eyes, taking a slow breath.

"Last chance boys. Let. Me. Go" I repeated, stressing each word.

"No." Alec breathed in my ear.

I slammed my heel into Jason's knee with a sickening crack, knocking him to the ground, snarling in pain. Alec lunged for my throat, I blocked him, grabbing his head and slamming his face into my knee. He howled, clutching a smashed nose.

"I'm gonna make you suffer for that bitch" Jason snarled, his eyes burning with rage as he stumbled to his feet.  

Alec snarled at me, his face covered in blood. Both had bared their fangs.

"This is our territory lady." He said in a dangerously soft voice. "And we are quite within our rights to attack you for poaching and attacking us."

"Maybe you should put signs up next time then" I retorted, backing away down another, darker alley.

They both laughed at me. "Open your eyes. Smell around a bit. If you smell vampire, stay away-especially fresh meat like you." Jason leered, trailing his gaze over my body. I went cold instantly.

Alec cocked his head in Jason's direction, a smile playing over his lips.

They glanced at each other, then in unison sprung at me. I lashed out, half-panicked as they grabbed at my clothes, slamming me to the ground. Blood splattered my face and my throat burned. I felt bloodlust take over and my mind collapsed in on itself.

I came to shaking and covered in blood. Jason and Alec lay at my feet, their throats torn out. I fled yet again, using the money I had to check into a hotel. I cleaned up, and dressing walked out of the bathroom to stop dead.

"Asha dear, what are we going to do with you?"


He inlined his head to me, smiling in a manner that did not quite meet his eyes.

"I was hoping that you have had time to consider my offer." He said. "It was such a shame you dissappeared before I could hear your answer."

I remained silent.

Zelthar sighed theatrically. "Asha, one of your gifts is so rare. I consider myself a collecter. You, my dear, would be the crowning jewel in my collection. You will be privy to a world most vampires only dream to whisper about. And you would be safe from all who tried to harm you."


It took a moment to realise that Zelthar was offering me a way to protect myself, to arm myself in this world I had been thrown in.

"Where do I sign?"

The End

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