Shadow's Tale.Mature

If you have read Vampire Mansion (or the sequel) then this is basically Asha: How It Happened. Basically an extended character bio.

Justin laced his fingers through mine and I smiled, feeling happier than I had in a long time.

"You know, even though you are kinda odd, you're alright, Asha." He said, laughing. "I mean, how many other 18 year olds do martial arts and know sword fighting?"

I laughed, twirling around to face him. "Well what can I say? It keeps me in shape" I replied, winking. "Anyways, you can't talk-a metalhead in the era of 'free love'.."

He laughed, a deep and rich sound. "Didn't put you off though."

I smiled, shaking my head. "Nope.. hippy music sucks." 

The park around us seemed to fade away as he pulled me in close. One of his arms slipped to my waist, while the other cradled my face with infinite tenderness. We both smiled, caught in the moment before he leaned in close enough for me to feel his breath across my cheeks. Suddenly, the night sky, which had been heavy with promise, burst open in a summer storm. We both looked up, laughing.

"Typical!" I giggled, shouting over the sound of the rain. Justin laughed again, agreeing. The rain plastered his t-shirt against his perfect body, his black hair falling in his eyes. He grinned crookedly and leaned in again. My stomach flipped. I had liked Justin for ages and when he asked me to go for a drink, I had jumped at the opportunity.

There was a strangled yell and somone barrelled into Justin, knocking him away from me and pulling me to the ground. I landed hard, winding myself. A blond-haired guy was pummelling Justin, who was yelling in pain and shock. I recognised the blonde.

"Lee?!" I screamed. "What the hell are you playing at?!"

Lee whipped around to face me, eyes a brilliant red. He grinned, showing glittering fangs. My body went cold. This was not the Lee I knew. This was something else.

"Asha.." He purred. "My lovely Asha. Together forever. We are going to be together for eternity."

"What are you talking about? Get off Justin! Please.. stop it! Stop hurting him!"

Lee's head snaked forward, and with lightening speed, he shot his head forward, burying his face in Justin's neck. He turned back to me, blood dripping from his fangs.

"Asha.. My love. Eternity together. Just you and me." He said coldly. "No one else can have you. You are mine."

I screamed Justin's name over and over, already knowing he had died. Lee stalked towards me and I scrambled backwards, falling over again and again. Lee pounced, holding me arms in an iron grip.

"Just you and me." He repeated.

The End

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