Only A Simple Dream

"We understand Death for the first time when he puts his hand upon whom we Love"

-Baronne Anne Louise Germain Necker de Stal

Kenrick walked among the crowd of 'Notherworlders. Many foreigners joined his planet of Dragonus. His home country of Adrais was welcoming of coarse, but he did not care for people anymore. Kenrick's only mission was to find a way. His eyes of merciless, cerulean blue gazed upon the statue of shining copper. A lovely girl with wings looked down, her hands clasped together. No beauty of magic could compare to her. Memories flashed through him and he simply looked down. The plate on the statue's base was this:  

Akako "Akahana" Calandra. 

Engel Guardian of Heart


"Love can hope when reason would despair"

He turned away from the memorial. His parameter, or a lover tied by soul, was gone now. It was 1450 now, and he had changed drastically. To his dismay, Kenrick was different from when Akako knew him. She would scold him for being distant, and he found himself laughing quietly. He pushed on and went to Raven's Square, sitting on the fountain of marble. There he would wait for someone to meet him. He wasn't sure who but he would wait none the less. 

The End

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