Suicide Squad

We lie awake, waiting for the orders. To torture. To kill. To die. The enemy are only a few feet away, and we know they are the same. But still we obey orders. Orders to torture. To kill. To die. 'For our country' - supposedly. But all the patriots died a long time ago. They were the first to go - they willingly flung themselves at the enemy. Thought they would go to heaven if they died fighting. So much for that idea. I now know there is no heaven, only an end to this suffering we brought upon ourselves. Perhaps that is in fact heaven. The commanders stay behind the lines, out of danger, but bark orders into our ears. They have no idea, but still they devise endless battle plans, estimating how many will die on that particular day. You end up not thinking about what you are doing. You become numb and blind to the pain and suffering, because it's the only way to get by. Leaders say they will be with us in spirit while we torture. Kill. Die. They tell us the enemy are not like you and me, they are different. It is alright to murder them, they have no soul. And sometimes I believe them. The enemy have killed my friends, my fellow comrades. What right do they have to live? Yet it is a job, just like any other. While some may sit at their desks trying to please their bosses, we fight. We are just killing machines. You know, I have never even met one of the enemy. Perhaps they are just as the leaders say, brutal savages. But maybe they are exactly like us. Maybe they have family, friends, lovers, children, then same as us. Who knows? But I got myself into this mess of being a killing machine. Maybe I can get myself out of it again. Maybe not. They say we are going to try and kill even more of the enemy today, even though they have better weapons, defences and tactics. They say this time it might make a difference. We might win. But if so many die, both us and the enemy, will we really have won? All I know is, the army? More like a suicide squad.

-Soldier, First World War, Second World War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War (Judging by human nature, this list will get a lot longer)


The End

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