Feeling the LightMature

The heat growing stronger and the memory of the cold outside began to melt.

We fell back against the arm of the sofa and I lay sprawled out across the taupe sheet Xavier on top of my helpless body he reached back and pulled on his white T-shirt, revealing an alabaster mass of flesh and hair. He fell back atop of my body and I gave in, letting him take my gentle body as he may. Feeling the soft flawless skin of his body and wanting to be one with everything he was I came across a small scar and fingered it. He said nothing and neither did I, it lay just above his left shoulder blade and was tactile, to the touch it felt long and bowed, he leaned into my neck and I got a better look at it. It was above his shoulder blade but wasn’t as long as I had imagined, it was off pink and had a purplish tinge to it like a freshly healed wound, this made him sexy and mysterious. He bit down hard on my neck and instead of pain I felt a sudden release of pressure and pleasure at once I was empowered in my own world. Pushing back into to the teeth which gave me the pleasure I forced the bite back farther down and closed my eyes pulling with everything I had to keep him close. I felt his ready stiffness on my leg and wanted so badly to feel it against me. I was again alone as he lifted away in the wake of this seduction to pull my shirt over my head I was paralyzed by the moment and it was the least I could do to attempt an assist, useless to move my hands left in their cuffs he drew my entrapped hands above my head peering back.

“You are beautiful” he sat back against the arm of the sofa across from my body

No one had ever said these words before, my body far from perfect, bloated slightly at the abdomen, and sparsely manly. A swell of emotion overtook me as he moved back toward me we kissed for a very long time and I closed my eyes trying never to forget each moment for I was sure we would never see each other again. My arms trapped above my head a type of material handcuff freeing my right hand I moved it slowly toward his full mane of silky black hair. Freeing the left hand from its self induced shackle venturing, grabbing at his manly back, biceps then forearms, I was again not in control as he pulled my head to one side and devoured my supple neck. From this angle I planted my face in his hair, and grabbed longingly on his lower back; his hair smelt of fresh spring rain and citrus plants.

I was amazed at how sweated we had become and whispered in lust “Please take me!”

And he did.

The End

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