Swirling images of the tender relationship faded into opaque incoherence, heavily bejewelled fingers retracting from the surface of the viewing globe. Ra pursed his perfect mouth in contemplation, the frozen concern of the old jackal Ferionas having lingered tellingly before it was dismissed.

"What do you propose is done about this?" he asked,

In attendance, the entire upper pantheon of egypt shared counsel of the great sun god, each wearing their own mask of neutrality while politics bubbled beneath the surface. Anubis flanked by Set and Bast, Thoth and Khepri, Horus, Hathor, Isis, Bes and the rest. Each with their own factions and history. A murmur of opinion bubbled to the fore.

"I do not see what there is to discuss.." proferred a gentle murr, the sentiment repeated a dozen times.

"The matter is not as simple as what can be seen but what will become. The boy has not stepped foot on our plane in all of his short life. He is raised by a mortal.. like a mortal.. and unloved by his kin. If he is not directed nor our responsibility fulfilled.."

"Yes, Thoth, as always you manage to make an epic of a fable. But can we simply not give him unto his father as an apprentice?" asked another, speaking as though the jackal god did not sit amongst them, feeling the golden gaze even as he spoke.

"I have no need for two sons. He is under my feet simply existing," The low, painstakingly deliberate pronunciation caused a flicker of a smile on the wicked features of Set, head tipping back to mask the pleasure. At his side, the feline features of Bast were twisted in the opposite; marked disapproval of the callous rejection.

"I ask that you give him into my care. I will find a place for him, Ra."

The mercy of the goddess caused Anubis to question his own heart for a moment, features steeled into a mask of indifference. His simple nod of agreement was all that was required, the meeting adjourned, the shuffle of bodies ambling away, the fate of the young jackal Ankh'mhem decided in less than an hour.

The End

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