Early life in the temple

     "In the times before carved stone, the jackal diety Anubis was believed to be the lord of the underworld. The undeniable authority for the afterlife. But as civilization advanced, the roles of its gods were redefined. Humankind, plagued by its own arrogance, decided that they would have one of their own to rule the afterlife. And so Osiris came to power, and Anubis was relegated to the fringes to act as a guide to those recently passed."

     Ankh-mhem had heard the tale time and again, growing up in a temple built in honor of Anubis, he could not escape it. Ferionas had spared him when he was but a mere babe, and cared for him over the years. The old priest was suffering greatly trying to keep up with the pace of a headstrong youth. "Why didn't he fight back? Try to retain his position as Lord of the Underworld?" the child prodded, knowing the answer before the priest opened his mouth.

     "That is not the way it works, Ankh-mhem. The deities do not choose their own place in the pantheon but rather it is chosen for them by those who believe. And when none believe any longer, then the forsaken diety is said to have..." noticing the youth had already turned his focus to the sunny day out the window, Ferionas let out an exhasperated sigh. "Go run and play outside, when you have found a way to burn through that limitless energy of yours return here and we shall continue your lessons before dusk falls."

     It did not take but a second before the boy's tail trailed out the doorway, the old jackal slumping over the table, face supported in his palms. It wasn't that the boy couldn't be taught, quite the opposite. His lineage left him predisposed to learning, and already he studied at a level far above what would be expected of any other pupil. The trouble came in that Ankh-mhem wasn't any other pupil. He was vastly different, and he would come to realize it sooner or later. Without proper guidance, he could grow to become a far greater catastrophe then even his father would have dared speculate.

The End

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