Chapter 1 (part 3)Mature

Chase removed the dagger slowly and laid Saren down on his back, he closed the old guards eyes and slipped the hand and a half sword from the sheath at the guards belt laying it atop Saren's chest and arranged his limbs to hold the sword to himself as Chase stood once more, looking down at him in respect, he frowned as his eyes blurred over and a lump formed inhis throat.

He hadn't wanted to kill the man, or any of the guards for that matter, they were thieves not assassins, they only killed if there was no other choice, it was just a shame that in this situation there was none. He turned on his heel just as he heard one of the guards manage to sound the horn, Chase looked around quickly towards the distant Tower of Ismere and watched as the gates were pulled open and reinforcments started to form up, he turned and ran towards the edge of the market square, blending once more with the panicking crowds, Chase turned briefly, put his fingers to his lips and whistled shrilly, he watched the fight in the market square for a moment through the panicked crowd until he saw Seth, cloak flying behind him extricate himself from the battle, raise a hand towards him and disapear into the back alleys with a few guards on his heel, Chase knew that once Seth hit the back alleys catching him would be nigh on impossible so he turned and raced after Amira, he'd treat the boy to a pint of mead for his timely rescue when they all got back underground and into the safety of the guild.

Seth had watched the fight between Chase and the guards with rapt attention while he hid in the crowd, it was obvious that without his help both Chase and Amira wouldn't last long, but they had all been taught the penalty for acting with haste and without thought, Bulgruf had lectured them endlessly on the workings of a surprise attack. The key points were; placement, where you stood in relation to the opposition, what weapons you had at hand and how many, how quickly your opposition could react to you and finally timing. Timing was everything, for with the right timing and skill, one man could fell many an enemy before the others had time to react.

The execution had been just the window of opportunity he needed for all the guards attention were on Amira and Saren. he had managed to stop it with barely a second to spare and killed most of the other guards before they knew what had hit them, but once they found him all hell broke loose, he had watched long enough to see Amira escape unharmed and heard the horn heralding reinforcements, he watched as the guards still in the Square hacked and slashed at the panicking crowd in their desperate bid to reach him and he decided then and there that he had overstayed his welcome. he just needed... Yes, there it was,he heard Chase whistle loudly telling him he had gotten free, which was lucky for all Seth had left of his weapons was the falchion strapped to his back, Seth pushed his way free of the crowd and ran full pelt for the back alleys with a half dozen guards on his heels.

He navigated the alleyways as he heard the guards very slowly starting to catch up. Andrenaline pushed him ever onwards as he darted left and right looking for the right turning that would lead to the grate that would take him back underground, come on, where are you? he thought just as he rounded a corner straight into a dead end alley, he went to turn to leave when he heard the guards approaching at a dead run, he looked around frantically for somewhere to hide before backing himself into the shadows at the end of the alleyway and wraping his cloak around himself to break up his figure slightly.

he sighed as he watched the guards run past the entrance to the alley he hid in but his breath caught as one of them stopped, looking directly into the shadows Seth had concealed himself in, The guard called to the other and drew the sword at his belt while the others formed up behind him and started to slowly advance towards Seth's position. Seth held his breath in fear. Just turn around and leave! he thought over and over, but it looked like his luck had truly run out and now the guards were already halfway down the alley staring into the shadows with scrutinizing eyes. Seth truly started to panic and he snapped his eyes shut wishing himself invisible over and over in his mind, telling himself they couldnt see him even as he heard their boots come closer and closer. When all of a sudden he felt the eyes on him again, the unseen gaze that chilled him to the bone and made him feel like some force was choking him. "It must have been my imagination." he heard a deep voice remark as he listened to the guards retreat from the alley. he finally released the breath he had been holding and opened his eyes, the guards were gone but he still felt the uncomfortable presence bearing down on him 'How the hell did they not see me!' he whispered to himself.

'Because you didnt want them to' a voice answered off to his left, Seth's hair almost turned white with fright as he whirled on the figure that stood in the shadows just like he did, the strange figure seemed to be wrapped in a black long coat that trailed the ground at his feet and seemed to undulate and distort with the shadows around him, his pale pale face almost seemed transparent and glowed faintly with an otherworldly light, grey eyes watched him, shadows seeming to appear and disappear in the depths of his eyes. he was handsome in a strange sort of way, and held himself with a noble bearing with his hands entwined before him as if in prayer.
'Who are you?' Seth asked as he looked around for anyone else.
The man, just smiled showing perfect white teeth as he pulled a cigar from the folds of his long coat and lit the end with a gesture of his hand. the cigar burnt with black smoke that released the smell of sulfur and brimstone, the smoke slowly trailed towards Seth and wrapped around the bracelet he wore at his wrist. 'I am the owner of the trinket you wear so casually' the man grinned again flashing the perfect teeth as Seth recoiled backwards only to find himself backed up against a wall.

The End

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