Chapter 1 (part 2)Mature

Chase maddened beyond control, lashed out violently, throwing anyone that came wihin reach like rag dolls as he tried to work his way towards the guard that held Amira, one of the guards managed to catch him from behind and Chase screamed in pain and frustration as the tip of a steel hand and a half sword slashed diagonally from left shoulder to right hip, this only seemed to enrage Chase even more though as he swung round quicker then his build would imply and crushed the guards wind pipe with two savage jabs of his left fist to the hollow at the base of the guards throat as he tore a throwing knife from the hidden compartment at his belt and let it loose with deadly accuracy to embed itself between another guards eyes, the guard went cross eyed staring at the knife with a look of confusion before toppling over with a crash, Chase ran towards the fallen guard stripping him of his mace and swinging round to bring it down on another guards head where it stuck fast and only through a supreme effort of force did Chase remove the mace with a wet squelching sound and a large crack, the fight had barely lasted a minute and already Chase was tiring from the loss of blood from the gash on his back, his arm was numb from the last blow with the mace and his grip was slick with blood as he knelt over to catch his breath briefly.

The remaining guards rushed to surround him but they looked shaken by what they had seen this monster of a man do, even though they themselves were known for instilling fear in others this was the first time they had felt it themselves, from a single man no less, they moved to advance on him. 'ENOUGH!' the shout rang out around the market square like the crap of a whip as what seemed like the lead guard broke from the others, he was a large man in his mid to late forties, grey streaks just starting to enter into his black military cut hair and beard, yet he still seemed like a man in his prime. 

The lead guard glared round at his companions and they withered under his gaze 'If this continues more of us will die needlessly!' he explained to his men with a harsh tone, Chase was all but forgotten for the moment but still surrounded. 'This man has bested five of us on his own and would probably be willing to take on the rest of us even at the cost of his own life to save the woman's life' Chase nodded his agreement as the guards looked back to him. The lead guard drew his knife. 'Making the girl his weakness' he stepped behind Amira and brought the knife to her throat, making sure he had Chase's full attention. 'Drop the weapon and surrender now, or i kill the girl!' he spoke simply. Worry flashed across Chase's eyes before he drew himself back to his full, considerable height, his face set with an unreadable expression, he tightened his grip on the mace handle 'What difference does it make whether i surrender? You'll just kill us anyway, you just wish me to make it easier for you' he spoke in a calm voice. The guard barked a laugh 'Smarter then you look ain't ya lad, What's your name?' he asked with a casualness that seemed to take the edge off the situation. 'My name is Chase, the woman you so casually threaten is Amira' Chase answered unsure of this guards intentions.

The lead guard nodded knowingly 'I've heard the name before lad, you're part of the Thieves Guild' it was more a statement of fact then a question. 'Well you might as well call me Saren.' Saren sighed heavily. 'Its a shame you weren't smart enough to know not to lie and insult a guard right to his face, but you're right, we're going to kill you one way or another, but its your choice how quick we make it.' Saren's eyes betrayed his dislike for the situation he was in as his gaze fell on Amira once more 'And i can think of plenty of ways to draw out this ones death! Drop your weapon and i promise to make it quick, Dont drop it and...' and with that he slowly drew the knife across in a small cut to Amira's throat and a small stream of red trickled down her neck, Saren didnt look at her and seemed to gain no pleasure from the act, in fact he seemed more mortified by what he was doing then a man in his position should. Amira released a small gasp of pain and Chase went to take a step forward before he stopped, his gaze lowering to the ground, the mace dropped from limp fingers 'Fine!' He whispered 'I surrender.' He didn't look up as he spoke. The guard looked taken aback before he gave Chase a tight lipped smiled 'That's a good lad, i'm just sorry to announce its too late to save you and your girlfriends lives, you've killed a few of my men and done a fair bit of damage to some of the others but i'll make it quick, as i promised.' The guard forced Amira to kneel but he apoligised for the rough way he was treating her as he pulled the heavy steel claymore from over his shoulder, lifted it high and looked towards Chase, Chase dropped to his own knee's as if in anguish as the blade fell towards Amira's exposed neck.

The blade stopped halfway down and Saren looked towards Chase, a dumbfounded look to his eyes, the claymore slipped from slack fingers to clang loudly on the cobblestones at his feet, the sound echoing around the suddenly quiet market square, missing Amira by a hair breath, Saren's hands slowly rose to his chest as he looked down to notice the three inches of thin steel protruding from his chainmail vest, with careful hands he pulled the blade free and the three inches of steel turned into eight inches of steel dripping red onto the chainmail links around it.

His eyes rose to Chase once more, sure the big man hadn't been the one to throw the dagger he now held in his hands, his eyes looked beyond the kneeling Chase to a cloaked figure hidden in the crowd with his arm still outstretched, as his vision started to blur and time seemed to slow, he looked around at the other guards to see them shouting to one another drawing their weapons while looking around trying to identify the assailant, he didnt even notice the dagger slip from his fingers as two more guards dropped to the ground a throwing knife protruding from their throats, Saren fell to his knee's no longer possesing the strength to stand, his life bleeding out through the hole in his chest staining the links of his chainmail and the cobblestones beneath him a deep crimson red as his eyes moved back to the cloaked figure and he watched as more knives were drawn from concealment and thrown with deadly accuracy thudding into another guard as he shouted pointing to their attacker, guards were falling fast now each one without ever finding what or who was attacking them, He watched as Chase grabbed the mace from the ground and threw it hard at one of the guards hitting the man square in the chest with such force he flew back a good few feet to lay unmoving on the ground. He watched as the large man as he shouted to Amira to run, he turned his head to watch the girl get to her feet and run, dodging through the uproar with grace to disapear from the market square, Saren watched as Chase got to his feet and walked towards him among the chaos as the crowd of onlookers in the background panicked, rushing here and there in their bid to escape the market square and the unseen assassin amongst them.

Chase knelt on one knee before Saren, laying a hand on the Veteran guards shoulder 'for the courtesy you offered, i offer you the same' he spoke in a whisper as he picked the dagger up off the ground and placed the tip over the guards heart, a half smile formed on Saren's lips as blood started to dribble from the corner of his mouth as he mustered the last of his quickly fading strength and lifted his hands to grip Chase's own holding the dagger. 'My pleasure' he croaked with a bloody grin of amusement as Chase pushed and he pulled the knife into his own heart.  Chase watched as the light slowly faded in the man's eyes and his face started to take on a more calm aspect, he felt the grip slacken on his hands and watched as the old guards arms fell to hang by his sides.

The End

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