Chapter 11 - RayMature

Like the coridoor, the room Ray walked into was bathed in red. And it wasn't just the lighting.

The room would have been white, with old blood splattered messily over the walls. A rotting skeleton slumped in the far right corner. A tally chart had been carved into the wall. Ray kneeled down, ignoring the blood he felt under his knees.

He counted the marks softly and slowly to himself before he got to eight. The last mark was gouged all the way down, to where a sharp piece of flint lay at the foot of the wall, near a dismembered arm, with most of the flesh rotting away.

Ray covered his nose. The smell was terrible, and made his eyes water, and his stomach churn. That was when he heard a click. As soon as he heard that sound echo around that small room, he knew.

He knew they shouldn't have all split up. He knew that he probably wouldn't see his beautiful Rin again. He knew that he was going to live for eight more days.

That was, if the house didn't get bored of him before that time.


The End

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