Chapter 9Mature

The four people stood at the black gate, in the bright afternoon light. Usagi pushed it open. All present expected the gate to screech in protest, but there was nothing. Not a sound. Seline took over, going to the front door. She grasped the door handle, and pushed.

It wouldn't open.

She shoved it again. Again, it jammed. Each time she pushed, shoving it with her shoulder, her whole body, she swore at it loudly. It blantently refused to open for her. Each of them tried pushing it, shoving it. Rin began to cry softly. She had both of her tightened fists against the door, along with her forehead. 

"Let him go. He's nothing to you. Let. Him. GO!" She screamed at it, bringing her fists down on the door, harder and harder each time. She kept banging till Ray pulled her away, since blood was streaming like rivers down her arms. They stayed, trying to get the door open every so often.  They crouched by the gate until night. That was when in snapped.

"Let my brother go!" She shrieked, pulling her fists back, and banging them against the door firmly. With that, the door drifted open. A piece of paper lay on the floor, a few metres away. Rin could only just read what it said, by a faint red light gleaming from the ceiling. This is what that note read:

You want your brother? Come and get him then.

The End

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