Chapter 8Mature

They walked together in silence, side by side. People gave then odd looks. Before they had left, they had changed into different clothing. Usagi kept with his suit and bowtie, along with his two swords in their sheaths, Seline in a pair of shorts, with a thin, almost seethrough skirt over the top, and a vest top, Ray in some trousers, and without his top, and Rin in a pair of black skinny jeans, a black vest top, and supporting a bag, filled with guns and knives.

People either raised their eyebrows, shook their heads, ignored them, and two, accompanied by a third, babbled on about cosplay. The girl who wasn't saying anything placed her hand on Rin's shoulder as she went past. Rin stopped, and grabbed the girl's arm. She was weeping.

Rin could tell straight away. This girl was a demoness, and a telepath. Her eyes were an almost acidic green colour. That was the way to tell if they were telepaths.

"You mustn't go. You mustn't. It took my brother. My Kaito." She said.

"Your brother is still alive. Mine went in to save him. Now we've going to save him. Silly bugger." Rin gave a soft laugh. She knew she was only laughing, because it beat the alternative. She gripped the girl's hand. "We'll save them. We'll bring your brother back to you." The girl looked after Rin with pining eyes her hand still stretched from when Rin had let go. The girl dropped her hand, and turned to face her two companians. Little did Rin know, she would never see that nameless girl again.

The End

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