Chapter 6Mature

Rin woke slowly. She sat up, glancing around her bedroom. This room had previously been Salvator's, the one where they had slept the night they had first come here. It was strangely quiet. Pulling a dressing gown around herself, she descended the stairs, to go to the kitchen.

Something was wrong. Seline was sobbing softly, Usagi trying to hush her, and Ray looking up at her concerned as she came in. He pulled her into a hug.

"Rin? Had Len said anything about...uh...any...relationships?" He asked, trying to be delicate about her brother's sexual preferances.

"Not that I know of. Where is he?" she asked, worriedly.

"That's-" Ray began to speak, but the front door opened. Everyone glanced outside the kitchen. Len limped in, holding a plastic bag.

"Hey!" He said. He put the bag on the side, before limping to the table, and sitting down. He gave a slight whine.

"Len? You're hurt?" Rin asked, frowning.

"It's nothing, honey." He smiled at her. Rin gave a slight growl. There was no happiness in that smile, and even less in his eyes. He got back up, and took his bag, going upstairs, before any questions could be asked.

"Rin, you've got to talk to him. In the eight years that I've known you two, he's never kept a secret from you or me." Usagi said to her seriously. Rin shook her head.

"In the eight years you've known us, neither of us have ever told you a lie, and we've always put our trust in you. You know Len is uncomfortable about being homosexual, and me poking in his business would just make it worse." She said firmly. Usagi opened his mouth, before closing it again, and nodding.

The End

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